Belle: Another Night of EuphoriaMature

The boy enclosing me in his arms was called Tom. His forearms rested loosely on my waist at one point on each side, and his hands were loosely clasped behind the base of my spine. He was handsome, but so were a lot of other guys. He wasn't cocky at least: I couldn't stand arrogant jerks.

He gazed into my eyes and murmured "My parents are leaving in five minutes."

 "I hope they're out for a really long time," I replied, my lips slowly forming a smile which couldn't possibly be misread - especially not by a teenage guy.

Tom's mouth curved upwards too and his cobalt eyes sparked. Around us, his friends were chatting, and pop music was coming out of the speakers of his iPod dock. It wasn't a party to celebrate anything in particular: it was your typical social gathering. On the dining room table which was pushed up against one of the walls stood cans and bottles of alcoholic drinks, though I doubted I was going to drink much this evening. I certainly was fun enough to not need to.

 "The restaurant's more than half an hour away," Tom told me. "And Dad wouldn't have anything less than three courses."

"How good of him," I said, my smile widening slightly so that it was a grin of amusement

"Yes, it is rather convenient." He moved his head further towards me so that his brow was resting on mine. "Perhaps he does it just so I can be a normal teenage guy."

I tilted my head slightly and kissed him. There was a jolt of electricity and I withdrew quickly, pushing Tom's arms away from me so I could walk away. I watched him as I moved towards the small sofa and sat down, the smile which played on my face belying the calmness with which I walked. He pretended to lose interest in me, strolling over to the drinks table and grabbing a can of beer. He opened it and drank some, and proceeded to talk to one of his friends: a boy named Sidney. I watched him, so intently that he could not fail to notice my eyes on his back. Eventually he turned away from his friend and came over to sit next to me.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" he asked, acting like I was just another friend.

"Oh, mightily," I replied.

"You were staring. Something on my face?" He pretended to sound light, but I heard the slight constriction, indicating the suppression of a powerful emotion.

I shrugged casually.

"I must have been daydreaming."

Tom looked amused.

"You don't remember?"

My smile echoed the feeling behind the former intentness of my gaze.

"I might... later."

Tom chuckled. "Oh, I hope so."

At that moment, Tom's parents came downstairs, dressed up for dinner: his mother wearing a purple dress, a scarf wrapped around her shoulders, and his father wearing a beige-coloured suit.

"Have a great party, son," Mr Lynar said.

"Don't get too drunk," Mrs Lynar warned.

"Have a great time," their son replied.

"Oh yes, remember you have to pay for any damage," Tom's dad said mildly.

Tom nodded. "Got you."

And with that, they left the house. There was the sound of the front door closing behind them and Tom grinned.

"That's it. They're gone."

I looked up at him straight into his eyes like the twilit sky.

"Time for a calm, gentle kiss," I said, pretending to sound innocent.

"Oh, I don't think so," he said, leaning in towards me and stopping just inches away from my face. He rested his hands either side of me for balance, but also to trap me.

"Why, whatever do you mean?" I asked, in mock surprise.

"I think you know exactly what I mean."

And without further ado, his lips met mine to begin a strong and intense kiss. Almost lazily, my arms reached up to wind around his neck as I kissed back with equal passion. Electricity travelled between us like it had leaked out of the nearest circuit and into our veins. I shivered - but it was with heat rather than cold and it was delighting and exciting. My fingers tangled in the soft blond hair at his nape as he ran his fingers through mine (long and the colour of jet).

It was great how you never got tired of it: the sheer pleasure of melting into another person, the raging fire which seemed to ignite your soul. I barely noticed as Tom stood up and pulled me with him to his room: so absorbed in the developing kiss as I was. We reached his room and he started to undress me, sending shivers through my core as he touched with his hands and mouth my bare skin. I sank into deeper ecstasy as he treated himself to the feel of my curves and I rewarded his perfect performance with various kisses and direct physical contact with his own body.

We collapsed onto his bed: by now only our underwear left on. Soon that was off too and stars exploded as I soared through familiar velvety skies...

The End

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