The resistance

Summary on the story.

This story is set in the near future, 2018 the end of April to be exact. only 5 months ago, creatures started appearing from nowhere simultaneously across the globe. They seemed human enough, but they walked on their knuckles like a gorilla. They were less intelligent than people, maybe about to the level of a chimpanzee. They were studied across the world for about the length of a day.

But then the attacks started. They were far stronger than anyone anticipated, ripping through steel like rice paper. Anyone who was a victim of the creatures never lived to tell the tale.

The military took action. They tried shooting them, but that didn't work. The creatures would fall over, but in a week they would get back up completely healed. Even a severed head would regrow. They dropped bombs on them, but even that didn't stop the creates advance.

They formed groups like invincible armies. They started organizing and learning from what the humans did. And the worst part was that their numbers continued to grow while ours shrank.

Now there are three questions on every surviving humans mind. Where did the creatures come from? Why won't they die? Will humanity survive?


Alice sat in the back of an old, beat up pickup truck and watched as her brother, Mason, studied the silver grip of a loaded gun. A cannibalized blue plastic tent hung over her as a canopy and was clipped to the sides of the bed.

Mason had been giving her shooting lessons over the past few weeks, but they were running short on ammunition which they desperately needed. So for today, and probably indefinitely until they found more .45 caliber rounds, practice was put on hold.Alice didn't mind though, she didn't like shooting. Not one thing about it.

She climbed out of the back, even under the shade of the tent it was unbearably hot. "So what are we going to do today?" she asked brightly. Her brother always knew exactly what to do. Find gas, look for food, find fresh water...

Heaving a deep sigh, standing up and stretching his aching back, he looks at his little sister. She still had that innocent look in her eyes, even after all she'd seen. And she was only just barely 12! Mason himself was 16, and he didn't know how he could ever have survive without her. She kept his spirits up, made him hope.

"Lets look for water. I think we only have a few canteens full left, and we'll be hitting the desert in just a mile or two." Alice skipped to the passenger side seat and buckled up. Mason wasn't behind her by more than a few seconds, and the ancient engine came roaring to life. Her brother had said it was from '86, but she found it hard to believe a 32 year old car would run at all.

The End

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