A Legend remembers... something


For a while Ruby sat there head on the bar just thinking then out of no where, or because of the situation, she blurted out “why is everyone always leaving me?” She pulled herself up to address the doorway that lead to her sanctuary now invaded by her handsome barkeep. “You know, I was once a fruitful young thing too.” She couldn’t know if Tommy was listening but her voice could carry just as well as it did in her prime. “Cocky as all heck about everything too, just like you. I had such high hopes for this future, thought the whole world was gonna be my freakin' oyster.” She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror behind the bar and straightened her hair as best the blurring image would allow. “I was stupid, worse than you but I built my life on the back of no one, I had to trust my own self.” She wasn’t sure what point was being made but she knew it was good, a speech good enough for the days of Pride marches and Civil rights she thought to herself. “Got nothing to fight for these days.  I had too many fights, I fought to live, I fought to be who I was, who i am. WHO YOU ARE YOU COCKY SON OF A ... I was there GOSH DARN IT!”

Just as the mayor was about to cut the ribbon on her speech and hand her the noble peace prize Tommy reentered carrying two coffee mugs in one hand and a carton of milk in the other, phone balancing perfectly against his broad shoulder. “OK we'll be here, just hurry Kits.” His attention hadn’t been on the action at the bar but he had heard it all before.

“I was there!’ Ruby repeated

“Well the creams turned and you pretty much drank us out of bourbon so it looks like it's a milk day” filling one cup with coffee and placing on the bar in front of her. “I've got Kitty picking some up for us but my money is pretty much on Black that she'll forget, so I'll make sure to run down to Costco's and pick it up later on.” As he spoke his hand had continued to scoop sugar into her cup and it was becoming more likely to send her into a coma than shake the drunk off. “Well you never know we may be able to survive with out until Thursday but definitely if not Thursday I'll make sure we get it in for Friday morning. But you never know Kit might surprise us all and…”

Ruby was starting to get her senses and cut Tommy’s speech in half pushing the cup toward her server. “shut your mouth and drink your molasses.” 

“Oh sorry Rube, here take this one. Milk?”

“Dumb as a brick.” She loved him and he knew it every moment of the day “How many years have I been putting up with this garbage?”

“You're really lucky a brick like me cares about you mommy.” I had been years and he wasn’t sure if he could handle any more, he loved his boss like a son does love his mother and if she continued to hurt herself like this he was certain she would die “God! what if I didn't forgot my bag? What would have happened? You could have died!” He took a hand and smacked at her sleeve. “Are you crazy, you scared me!”

“Oh stop being such a drama queen, it's just a little puke, no one was gonna die.” She knew she certainly didn’t need whiskey to help her with that. “I was just gonna take the edge off. I figured a glass of bourbon, which of course turned into a bottle. It should have done the trick, but I ran out and cracked open some 151.” Ruby’s words were evident by the shock on Tommy’s face “which I throw up by the way so you'll be proud to know I’m alive” Ruby pointed around indicating she was aware he’d tried to save her “I can't even get a moments peace if I wanted to. My cell phone’s gonna die and it won't stop beeping, David's been calling down every hour on the hour reminding me just how committed he is to killing me if I'm not already dead , and then that horrendous message you left whining about this that and the other. So give mama a break with the saving and take these chairs down. The bar opens in four hours, Barbie's coming in to set up for twelve, I'm sleep deprived and I've got a splitting headache.”

The End

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