A Silence Interrupted

The bar was stagnant, little had moved since the doors closed at three thirty, it would have been easy to assume no one was inside but beneath the cover of darkness a small light still shone and it was this light that had everyone worried. 

Out of the stillness came a sudden blaring ring, the sound echoed throughout the bar becoming a part of the walls and the longer it rang the easier it became to ignore. For the third time that night the answering machine kicked in announcing it’s greeting for all to hear.

“It's a great day to be on top of the WORLD, If you're calling for Jesus he isn't in right now. Everyone else leave a message!” It was clear from the machines prehistoric origins that the bar, or at least the owner Ruby Stone, didn’t believe in the advances of modern technology. The machine let out its piercing “BEEP!” 

The caller hesitated, his breath bated, he knew she could hear him, his soft tenor voice continued.

“Hey Ruby its Tommy, I hope you’re still there I forgot a few things last night and David said you didn't come home.” His breath growing more hesitant “I hope it's on account of the snow or something. You are there right? He says you haven't answered all night but i thought maybe if I called.” Tommy hadn’t planned on leaving the whole message so he thought it best to get to the point  “Ruby he wanted to come get you but… Well he gave me a key, he says you better be there. I love you and don't shoot the messenger!” the phone paused then Tommys voice came on again “Ruby that man has issues. Okay.. Umm Bye? Well I’ll see you in a few.” And the phone clicked off with another loud “BEEP!”

Moments passed and any stir of consciousness lay back to rest. The phones light blinking off then on again, monotony, repetitious, easier to ignore. 

The End

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