the Remnants of Happiness

What are you to do when all the horrible things you have done is only topped by what was done to you, and the worst anger can not hide your pain? For Andy Thompson it is to keep running.
Follow Andy as he battles his past and learns what it means to believe in happiness.

Hopefully to be written in three parts but I guess we will all find out together.

To Know by Looking

The doors were all sealed shut that blistery winter morning, the lights inside were barley visible and the cries that came from the back room inaudible to the young man sitting in wait outside.

When he took the time to think about the past his mind would surly wander to his small home town in rural Alberta. The beautiful plains, the canola fields and wheat blowing in the breeze. Picture perfect sections of land, separated by long rows of barbed wire and posts, laying perfectly flat against the suns cool heat. Grain dust filing the sky making the moon glow orange during harvest, symptoms flaring and boots thick with mud. Horses and cows feed on hay and grain reaped from last years harvest. While chickens if you have them peck at left over Taber corn. He could have been dreaming of the days he rode bareback, or the winter chinook winds that signaled the hope of spring, but it was the fences that held significance in his mind in this moment. The long thin lines keeping what was mine from what was yours, his mind skipping from fenced section to fenced section, pulling at the happiest and leaving behind the anger. His life was a new one, as of today he was here to make a change. 

Andy Thompson’s life was always filled with surprises, both good and bad, his life was what happened today, tomorrow was the unknown. But he knew by looking at his belongings, the one suitcase that came between the wintery sidewalk outside the bar and his weathered denim cheeks, a pair of motorcycle boots not meant for the work he had put them through, and his one and only real possession a beautiful black leather jacket he received as a gift from the only person he had ever allowed to love him. Andy knew by looking that what he had allowed before to rule his life was not allowing him to stay where he was. His eyes turned down the tears barley escaping burning his blistered skin as they rolled down his cheeks and froze to the sidewalk, his eyes closed perhaps for the last time and his mind came to the place he wished he could have left behind.

The End

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