The Cardboard Car

Green-Gant is a small village in Wales at the furthest point of the pendine sands - an immense stretch of desrted beach. Noone has ever seen or heard of this pinprick of a village, as, it being the furthest point, map makers and tourists simply can never be bothered to trek to the village - meaning noone except its residents know it exists.

Due to its isolation, it seems the ideal place for the terrifyingly mishapen Martyn Silverside to live. However, it also means that the village residence can do as they please, and so Martyn had learnt todrive at the age of ten (to save the catastrophic consequences of getting public transport, including several passengers becoming blind and numerous crashses and stray objects flung in desperation.)

When Martyn was seven, his parents went through a stage of locking their only son in the attic to save any more casserole dishes being broken (or thrown across the room in the first place.) The young chap lived in this small confined space, perfectly happy, and living off a diet of grated cheese and crunchie bars - the only food his mother could slip between the floorboards of the attic.

It was here that Martyn became accustomed to confined spaces, and crrunchie bars, but much to his dismay his parents finally let him out as the bats in the attic had been stated as an endangered species and the sight of Martyn had most probably caused this drop in numbers. When he learnt to drive, he found driving insufferable as he felt to out in the open. He searched and searched the small cornershop in Green-Gant for a smaller sized car, but alas, surprisingly, no such thing could be found. However, Martyn did in fact find several yards of congregated cardboard and a large pot of PVA glue, and so did as every other grotesque looking loner boy that loved confined spaces would do - he made a bookmark. Oh yeah, he also made a car.

The End

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