The Remarkable life and Times of Martyn Silverside

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As the small metal object was sent sailing across the classroom into Martyn's face, he didn't really notice. The thing was, Martyn Silverside was perfectly used to being hit in the face during school. In the street. At home. It wasn't that people particularly disliked Martyn, and he had a perfectly normal a childhood as anyone whose surname was a form of steak, its just that at first sight, Martyn wasn't a very appealing fourteen yearold, and was easily mistakeable as a zombie or rodent headed fiend - perfectly justifing the throwing of an object at first sighting.

He had small beady eyes of a dull and shapless grey, that lolled underneath his heavy brow that sloped from beneath tassled mouse-brown hair. Martyn had a mishapen nose, and a smile that made even his own mother feel uncomfortable.Due to his somewhat startling appearance, Martyn took to wearing a large yellow rain poncho over his tattered jeans and limp jumper, making it easy to stretch it over his face to save the next resident of Green-Grant village from seeing his face.

Most of Martyn's unlucky appearance would go to plastic surgery or at least feel a little unnerved at their features sending their father into hallucinations and que a tepid beef casserole to fly across the dining room as their mother was caught off guard. But not Martyn. He was perfectly happy with his unsightly face, as from a young age he had wanted to become an astronaut. As a spaceman, he argued, he could live in space completely contented with no one to see his ugly mug. That was, until he met Estelle.

The End

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