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“I don’t see a wedding ring on either of your hands,” Todd replied. The man shrugged like he didn’t care about what Todd had said. “What’s your name?” Todd asked him.

“My name is not important but if you must know, it is Allon. Allon Mason. What is your name, if I may ask?” Allon said.

“Aren’t you that guy who’s the leader of the cult group, The Church of Light?” Todd redirected.

 “I am not the spiritual leader of the group but I am the leader of the group nonetheless. I must really insist that you tell me your name,” Allon insisted as he crossed his arms across his chest.

“I don’t really care if you must insist. I don’t have to give you my name if I don’t want to,” said Todd, still standing in the doorway protectively. Ronan appeared in the door behind Todd.

“What’s going on here, Scott?” asked Ronan.

“I’m not exactly sure, Ben. I was about to ask them that,” Todd said. Todd moved to his right so Ronan could move outside onto the porch. Once Ronan was on the porch, he closed the door.

“Ah, so your name is Scott. What a nice name,” said Allon as he looked at the men around him and they shared an inside joke that Todd and Ronan didn’t know or understand. “Now down to business, boys. We are here because that excuse of a human being must be eradicated,” Allon said. As Allon spoke, two of the men spat on the ground and in the spur of the moment, scrunched their faces in anger. Something about that woman made them feel such irrational rage and animosity.

“While you are on my property, you will not harm anyone. I repeat, no one will be harmed on my property,” Todd warned, while he crossed his arms. The three men started inching closer to Allon and the porch. “You boys might want to stay back. If you haven’t noticed, this property and anyone on it, besides you men there, are under the protection of Troy. You know what that means?” Todd continued. 

The End

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