Chapter 1Mature

A woman shows up one night to Todd and Ronan's house unexpectedly. There were men after her for reasons only she knew. Todd and Ronan take her in and what happens next takes the three of them on an adventure that none of them would ever think of.

He was sitting on his couch watching television when it happened. His favorite show was on that night. On top of that, it was the season premiere. A breaking news headline flashed across the bottom of the screen. In blocky, white letters, contrasted with a flashy red, the headline read: A huge fire engulfs building, Church of Light claims responsibility.

However, all of that was drowned out when a car screeched to a halt outside of his house. A door slammed followed by pounding of feet hitting the walkway up to his front door. A fist started to frantically slam on the outside door. “Is anyone in there? I need help fast!” yelled a terrified female voice. Another car came screeching to a stop outside. Car doors opened and closed gently. “Oh my god, if anyone is in there I’m going to die if you don’t help me,” the female pleaded.

The man jumped out of his seat and yelled, “Ronan, get your ass down here right now! We have trouble outside.” The man ran to the door as he heard Ronan slowly walk down the stairs. Why does he always take his time in these situations, the man thought. He opened the door to find a woman standing out on the porch trying to push her way inside. She looked to be in her mid-twenties, had natural red hair up in a ponytail, wore a tank top that was slightly too small for her and so it had exposed a part of her midriff, as well as a short black skirt with ankle high Doc Martens boots. She looked to be around five feet eleven inches tall and well-rounded.

“Please, sir, you need to help me. These men are after me,” the woman said quickly. The man pulled her inside. “Get in here and stay out of sight,” he said. He walked out onto the porch while appraising the men that were walking towards his house.

The End

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