Chapter 45Mature

Maven stood at her balcony, feeling the cool ocean breeze. Out of the corner of her eye was a fleet of at least three hundred ships. Northern ships. She grasped the railing as she looked closer at the approaching ships. Maven started the feel a pain in her chest. 

"Tywin!" She shouted.

Tywin came running through her chambers. "Maven! You're awake." 

Maven looked at him in dismay. "Tywin, I was fine. I am always fine." 

"Then why did you call for me?" Tywin asked.

"There are at least three hundred Northern ships approaching Esses. I don't remember writing to High King Yorgvir, nor do I remember him writing to us about his arrival." Maven said, then pointing to the approaching ships.

"Maven, word just got to us a few days ago. Yorgivr has gotten word of the brewing rebellion and has decided that he should be here for the Feast of Prosperity." Tywin replied.

"And he brought his army why?" Maven asked, sounding slightly annoyed. 

Tywin pulls out a letter that had the seal of the North on it and proceeded to read a part of the letter explaining why he was bringing so many ship. "... It was with my pleasure I bring a small flank of my army with me so that I may protect and serve the Queen of the South and fulfill my duties as the King of the Northern Kingdom." 

Maven hid a smile from Tywin and went back to looking at the fleet that was approaching Esses. "Then let us welcome him with open arms." 


Vandresa smiled as Sunspear Keep towered over her as the Burning Ember gently drifted through the inlet that led to the Royal Harbor. She looked at the banners that hung from the walls of the Keep and watched as the dock workers were unloading and loading ships. Vandresa was giddy because this long lasting feud would finally end. 

"Welcome to Esses, Lady Landen. We have been expecting you." A guard said. 

Vandresa turned to the guard and smiled. "Thank you. It is time I met with my aunt and put an end to this feud." 

The guard escorted Vandresa through the harbor. Vandresa looked around, taking in the entire scene. The other royal houses arriving by sea for the Feast of Prosperity and the workers that were moving barrels of wine. The fishermen that were sitting out on the docks with their reel trying to catch enough fish for their family. It was all just so beautiful to her. 

"Lady Vandresa, this is where I must leave you. I'm sure you know the way from here." The guard said before leaving. 

Vandresa lifted her dress as she climbed the side steps that led up to Sunspear Keep. The Keep did certainly look different since the last time she visited her aunt. Vandresa sat idle on the waters for nearly a month but was finally going to take her aunt up on her offer. As she reached the top of the steps, overlooking her was the statue of Maven with her arms held out. The symbol of Yoran, God of Kindness and Peace. 

"Excuse me, have you seen the Queen anywhere?" Vandresa asked,

"Well, last time I knew, the Queen was still in her chambers. She had an awful accident at the last execution. I'm sure she'll be around soon." A noblewoman replied and then quickly left with the crowd. 

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The End

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