Chapter 42Mature

"Maven, keep your composure. You're going to be in front of the entirety of the Southern Kingdoms. Everyone will be watching today. Bring the chariot around!" Bormir shouted.

Maven looked into the mirror, smiling at her appearance. For the first time since she could remember, her hair was down and not in a bun. She ran her fingers through her sun touched hair. Her handmaidens swarmed around her, telling her how beautiful she was and how she was going to make one of the best rulers the Southern Kingdoms would ever see. All Maven could do was smile at them and then bow. 

"Your grace, the chariot is ready." Tywin said, smiling at his sister.

Maven nodded at him, then giving him a small smile. "Very well then. Tywin, take me to the chariot." 

Tywin placed his right hand above Maven's left hand and the two left her chambers. As the two walked through Sunspear Keep, Maven smiled at everyone. The guards stood at the large oak doors, bowing at her, then opening the two doors. Maven squinted her eyes for a brief moment, allowing her eyes to adjust to the light. Suddenly she felt Tywin let go of her hand and she was on her own. 

"Maven, you look stunning." Jonathan said, smiling at his bride-to-be. 

Maven, with the help of Jonathan got onto the chariot and kissed Jonathan's hand. "Lovely day, isn't it?" She asked. 

Jonathan laughed at her reply, and then kissed her cheek. "It is," he paused, "very lovely." 

Jonathan and Maven smiled, waved, and blew kisses at their audience while the waited for the parade to begin. The audience in turn threw roses and various other flowers at the two, cheering them. Finally the trumpets went off and the parade started. Maven's father was in front with his wife Lya. Their reign was ending, while Maven's was just about to begin. 

"Are you ready? For this? For ruling a kingdom?" Jonathan asked while he waved at the crowd. 

"I guess I'm ready. I mean, I've been well taught by all the highborn officials of the city." Maven replied. 

Jonathan smiled at her and gave her another kiss. Maven continued to smile and wave at all the people that were watching. Soon Maven and Jonathan would arrive at the Hall of the Foreseen where they would both be crowned King and Queen of the Southern Kingdoms. Throughout the entire city, squires and musicians blasted trumpets, announcing the arrival of Maven and Jonathan. 

"Your grace." A man said, bowing before her, then taking her hand to help her out of the chariot. 

"Thank you, sir." Maven replied. 

Another set of decorated guards opened the doors to the Hall of the Foreseen. Banners hung from the rafters of the hall. Everyone in the hall rose as Maven and Jonathan stepped over the threshold. Maven took a large breath in and finally walked towards the throne. Maven held herself high as she approached the large throne. 

"Your grace." The Grand Sage said, then bowing. 

Maven turned to face the crowd of people and then sat in the throne. Jonathan sat in the throne next to her. Maven looked in the crowd for her younger sister Elena. When she spotted her, she smiled at her. Lastly, the royal trumpets blared as Queen Lya and King Bormir entered the Hall of the Foreseen. Maven and Jonathan rose as Lya and Bormir walked down the aisle. The music stopped as Lya and Bormir stopped at foot of the steps. Lya removed her cloak and walked up to Maven and placed it around her, and Bormir did the same with Jonathan. 

"Your majesties." Bormir and Lya said in unison, then kneeling before the two. 

Bormir and Lya stood once more and then removed their crowns, then placing them on Jonathan and Maven. The crowd clapped as Lya and Bormir stepped aside, and the new King and Queen of the Southern Kingdom stood before them. 

The End

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