Chapter 41Mature

The morning breeze blew against the skin of Maven as she watched people set up the execution. A platform was being erected and the hay was being brought to the Keep. Maven turned away and went back into the Keep. She hadn't slept well that night, for she kept have nightmares about what had happened at the prison. Except, in the end, Tywin didn't get Jareed because he was slain in combat. Maven hid her tears and rushed back to her chambers. 

"Your majesty, we are here to get your dressed for the event this morning." A servant said, slowly opening the door. 

"Very well. I do believe I have a simple amber colored dress in the closet. I'll wear that with the royal cloak." Maven replied. 

Three servants surrounded her, starting on her hair and makeup while the others got the dress and headpiece out. The servants were talking, but Maven heard nothing except the screams of the prisoners that were in the Tower of Esses. In her eyes, she still saw them being beaten and tortured by Edwards. Her body started to shake and sweat began to appear. 

"Your majesty, it is all right. You're safe again now. It'll be over soon once you give your speech." A servant said, trying to calm down Maven.


The large doors leading to the front balcony opened and Maven walked slowly out of them. Tywin was on her left and Jareed was on her right. To her, they were keeping her balanced, they were her anchor, but to the people, they were just her escort. She gulped and then stopped. It was time to address her people.

"My gracious people! Today I come before you with the true traitor of the realm. The Captain of the Guard and his family! Yes, he was ordering executions of innocent women and then taking their riches and giving them to his wife, Lady Annabeth. This family has committed crimes that are unspeakable. To punish them, their children must die as well. For their children have been taught in this way as well. As for Jareed, he has been reinstated on the High Council, and my brother Tywin shall become the new Captain of the Guard. Farewell Captain Edwards, may the Gods have mercy upon you and your family." Maven said, then bowing.

"You are truly lost Maven! You shall pay for your treacheries against man and Gods!" Edwards shouted.

"Ladies and children first." Maven said sharply, then giving Edwards a look out of spite. 

Edwards shouted as his youngest daughter was brought in front of the crowd. The crowd threw rotten fruits and rocks at the small child. One rock hit the girl in the head and she began crying. "Daddy I'm frightened." 

The executioner grabbed the girl by the neck and threw her down into the wooden block. "Don't move." 

The axe swung down, but didn't go through the neck completely. Edwards daughter began to scream and flail around.

"Is this what you wanted Maven? To watch me suffer? Well you've done it! Let my family go!" Edwards shouted.

"Swing again." Maven said.

The executioner put his boot on the girls back and gave it some force, pushing her back into the block. At this point, the daughter had lost enough blood and was almost dead, and the second swing took off her head.

"The son will be next." Maven said from the balcony.

The executioner had to rip the son from the arms of his mother, Lady Annabeth. He screamed as his mother became farther from him. Again, the people threw rocks and rotten foods. The boy knew what to do, willingly knelt before the wooden block. "I forgive you sir." 

The executioner nodded and swung his axe down and in one swing the boy's head rolled off his shoulders. At this point, Edwards and Lady Annabeth were hysterical. They had watched both their children die. 

"Lady Annabeth, have you any final words?" Maven asked.

"Fuck you." Lady Annabeth shouted, she then spat on the executioner. "Fuck you too."

Maven watched from above as it took seven swings to fully decapitate Lady Annabeth. Maven listened as she screamed each time the axe came down but didn't take off her head. Finally, it was time for Captain Edwards.

"Gods have mercy on you Edwards." Maven said 

"You as well Maven." Edwards replied. 

Edwards walked over to the block and put his head where it should be. Maven gave a small smile for she knew what was about to happen. 

"Why are you smiling?" Tywin asked.

Just as Tywin asked, Edwards screamed. "Why? Because Captain Edwards will have to go through the rest of his life without his sword hand and his family. Wait executioner! I've changed my mind. I don't want Edwards executed."

Edwards stood up, looking at his dead wife and children, then back at his missing hand. "Damn you Maven! You are truly wicked! I hope the Gods rape you before they let you in their heaven!" 

And with that word, rage took over Maven. "Tywin, your sword." 

Tywin didn't question Maven and handed her his sword. Next thing he knew Maven had left the balcony and had appeared at the executioner stand. 

"What did you say Edwards?" Maven said angrily. 

"I hope the Gods rape you hard you dirty whore!" Edwards shouted.

Maven didn't think twice when she swung the sword, taking off Edwards head. Her body was shaking, and then she saw black.

The End

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