Chapter 40Mature

Maven looked at Tywin, then got back on her feet. She felt where one of the guards had smacked her, and also where her face had hit the cold stone wall. Tywin held her close to him after he had killed a majority of the guards. 

"Evanora will be here soon, along with Raeyna and the Dragon Guards." Tywin said, smiling at Maven. 

"Thank you Tywin. But there is still the matter of Jareed. For all we know, he may be dead by now." Maven said, trying to fix her hair. 

"You stay here, when you next see me, I will have Jareed." Tywin said, bowing, then leaving Maven. 

Maven collapsed on to the floor. "Gods forgive us and Gods guide us." After that, Maven wept because she didn't know whether or not she would see her brother again. 


Tywin looked around the corner, laughing quietly at the fact that there were no guards actually guarding the door leading down to the prison. Tywin slowly approached the door and then opened it. All that remained between Tywin and Jareed now was Captain Edwards. Tywin could hear Edwards voice echo through the halls of the prison chamber. 

"Who's here and why should I worry about my family?" Edwards shouted.

"So, Jareed is still alive." Tywin said quietly to himself. 

Tywin slowly walked through the halls which were filled with sleeping guards. He spotted a flickering light of a torch. He was getting close, Edwards voice was growing louder. 

"He's here. Your time here has ended." Jareed said. 

"Who's here? If you don't tell me I swear I will cut you ear to ear!" Edwards shouted. 

"Oh you wouldn't do that. Not when he's right... behind you." Jareed said.

Edwards turned around and Tywin hit him with the hilt of his sword. Tywin then took his sword and cut off the bindings that were around Jareed. "Why do you come for me?" 

"Because, we know it wasn't you, it Edwards that was conspiring against the throne. Maven is waiting for you, hopefully by now, in the Keep." Tywin replied, then picking up Edwards.


Maven sat on her throne, watching all the workers prepare the Keep for the feast that was to happen in exactly one week. Most of the workers had already left due to the time, but others stayed, trying to finish up the little details. In agitation, her fingers kept tapping the arms of the throne. She was becoming worried, she told Raeyna and Evanora that she wanted to stay and see her brother, but they insisted that she return to the Keep.

"Let go of me!" Edwards shouted.

Maven stood as the large oak doors opened. She smiled as she saw Tywin, Raeyna, and Evanora walk in with Edwards. Tywin dropped him on the marble floor. "Now beg for your Queen's forgiveness." 

Captain Edwards spat on the marble floor and then stomped his boot on it. "It's rather eat horse shit." 

"That," Maven paused, "can be arranged. Captain Edwards, you have a lot of explaining to do. But I could care less about that right now. Take him to dungeon, I'll deal with him and his family tomorrow." 

"My family? What have you done to my family?" Edwards shouted.

"You'll be reunited with them very soon." Maven smiled. "Take him away." 

Tywin walked closer to Maven, then knelt before her.

"Rise, brother." Maven said.

"That was a very brave thing of you to do. I don't know many Queens that would have ever done such a thing. It was such a noble thing for you to do." Tywin said.

"It was foolish. I don't know what came over me." Maven said sharply.

"So, what are we going to do with them for now?" Tywin asked.

Maven looked down and then back at Tywin, "For now they'll stay here in the Keep where I know they are secure and tomorrow at dawn we shall execute all of them." 

"Even the small children?" Tywin asked.

"The Edwards must pay for their treason and what better way to punish them by taking the lives of their children." Maven replied.

"So, the children go first then?" Tywin asked.

"Yes." Maven replied.

The End

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