Chapter 38Mature

The wind was still harsh when Maven proceeded to the main balcony of Sunspear Keep to address her people on the trial of Jareed. From where she was, she could still hear the buzzing of all her people. When the bells chimed eleven, the double doors opened, trumpets blasted music which announced the arrival of the Queen, and finally, Maven walked through the doors. The citizens cheered as she looked down at all of them and smiled. She then cupped her left hand and waved at all of them using that royal type wave she was taught all those years ago. Maven then rose her right hand to silence those at the public trial. 

"My people! Today you come before me to hear the verdict and the punishment. First, let me assure you that anyone that wishes to attempt such a thing as Jareed did, will find the same fate. The Council and I have found Jareed guilty on the charges of conspiring against the throne and the Council. He was also charged with the murder of a royal heir." Maven said, pausing so the people would have a moment to talk about it.

As she expected, the people gasped and looked at each other, then bursting into conversation. She allowed them some time to discuss it, because even to her it was big news that she had charged him with something she knew he didn't do. 

"The Council has advised me that his punishment shall be that of which any criminal pays; death. At first, I was going to be merciful, but the Gods were not merciful to me when I lost a child and nearly lost my life. So why should we return mercy to that whom attacks the royal family? His men had my other two children help captive! And when we find those two men, the same fate shall fall upon them. So it has been decreed that on the first morning of the new year, Jareed shall be publicly executed on the steps of the newly rebuilt Hall of the Foreseen. And due to his horrid behavior, my generosity has ended. Anyone found stealing, murdering, raping, or kidnapping shall be punished harshly. Until then, I will address you all when the new year comes closer. You may all return to your daily activities." Maven said, waving and bowing to her people.

By the time Maven's speech was over, Jareed had already been moved back into his cell. She knew that she had to get to Jareed quickly before anything happened to him. 

"Your decision was quite wise, Your Grace." A nobleman said the Maven.

"Thank you. It was a tough decision, but it was a just one." Maven replied, looking around for Tywin. 

The Keep was buzzing with the noblemen and women filtering through. Some to see to newly rebuilt Keep, and others were trying to get out of there. She knew she would have trouble finding Tywin. But how hard could it be? He was a tall, muscular man with long and flowing blonde hair. 

"Have you seen Tywin?" Maven asked one of the Councilmen. 

"I do believe he said he was going to his chambers, Your Grace." The Councilmen replied.

"Thank you." Maven said. 


Vandresa stared at the ocean. She was only a few miles off the coast of the royal harbor, surely she could swim and go unnoticed. She had to get into that city one way, or another. For a moment she thought about doing it, jumping. Then she figured that the water itself was actually frigid and was make her bones useless for they would just freeze. The new year was approaching faster than ever now, and no one still had a plan for Vandresa. 

"Van, we need to see you." The man that was helping her said.

Vandresa turned around, still having a blank look on her face. "Do we finally have a plan?" 

"Yes. This will get you into the Keep unnoticed." He replied.

Vandresa followed one of the captains. He led her to the lower decks where the remaining soldiers were making a yellow dye, most likely for her hair. Without saying a word, her captain knew what she was thinking. Finally, Vandresa flipped her hair and gave a small laugh. 

"Dye?" She asked.

"Yellow, or blonde dye. You know, the hair color of all Landens?" He said, shaking his head at her.

"Gods, I got rid of that hair color for a reason, only to get it back once more." Vandresa said. 

"Do you want in or not?" The captain said in a harsher tone. 

"Yes, let's get to it." Vandresa said, sitting down on the chair that was behind her. 


"So the Southern Kingdoms find themselves in the midst of a rebellion?" High King Yorvir asked.

"Yes your Highness." A squire replied. 

High King Yorvir re-situated himself on his cold, hard throne. He taped his fingers then in nervousness on the arms of the throne. "Is there anything I can do to aid her?"

"Not that I am aware of sir." The squire replied.

Yorvir then slammed his fist down in anger. He already had lost his father, he would not lose the first love of his life. "Surely there is something I can do!"

"Your Highness, this is not your fight, and I advise you not get in the way of the Souths affairs. She is an awful Queen, and she is now paying the price for it. It surely is a good thing the Stoneheart Seat decided that you shouldn't marry her." The squire said, laughing.

Yorvir's face became hot and red. He rose from his throne, frightening the squire. "And what of you? How would you deal with such affairs? You are a squire! If you ever speak of Maven like that again I will have you executed. Do we understand each other?" 

"You need to let her go Yorvir! She's gone. She married and had children. She rules by herself now, and poorly at that." The squire said, clearly trying to see how far he could push Yorvir. 

"I will always want Maven. Now write to her that she should be expecting guests. I plan on being there for the Feast of Prosperity." Yorvir said, returning to his throne.

"Your Highness, the Feast of Prosperity is in three weeks, it take almost a month to get to the South." The squire said.

"The men will have to row faster. I will be there!" Yorvir shouted.


Maven knocked on the door that led to Tywin's chamber. "It's me, your sister."

Tywin opened the door and then hugged his sister. "And what do I owe you the pleasure?" 

"I need you to get me to Jareed. I need to figure out what would cause him to disrupt the Council and threaten them all. He had a motive and I need to figure it out." Maven said.

Tyiwn quickly ran over and grabbed his cloak and threw it over himself. "Then we better hurry." 

"Why?" Maven asked.

"The guards are going to execute him tonight." Tywin replied.

"No! I clearly stated that he will be executed on the first morning of the new year." Maven said sternly. 

"The Captain of the Guard has decided otherwise." Tywin said, trying to calm his sister.

"And when does the Captain of the Guard speak for the Queen? He has no power over my decisions, and if Jareed is executed before his execution date, I swear by the Gods I will personally kill him and his entire fucking family. Do I make myself clear? I will not be undermined, and not by such a pest as the Captain of the Guard. Gods, he truly is stupid." Maven paused for a moment, pondering on the thought of executing the Captain and his family. "Bring them to me after we speak with Jareed."

The End

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