Chapter 37Mature

The council chamber filled in with people of various social statuses. Many were from the upper class and upper middle class. There were a few men and women that were part of the lower middle class, but there were no peasants. The public trial was for them. The people in the chamber buzzed with gossip of what was about to happen. Others were discussing the coming rebellion and how it was reaching closer to their haven; Esses. 

"All rise for Her Majesty!" A councilman shouted.

The large oaken and marble doors opened and in came Queen Maven Landen. She had two of her Dragon Guards in front of her and two behind her. She was in a large black hoop-skirt dress. Her hair was put up in a fancy looking bun, and the crown sat comfortably on her head. She lifted up the dress and climbed the steps up the the main seat in the Council Chamber. When she sat, all her people sat. One of the councilmen poured glasses of wine and gave them to all of the Council. Finally, after what felt like hours, the guards brought in Jareed. 

Jareed now looked even worse than what he did while in prison. His hair was now grown out long, brushing his shoulder blades. His face, which was normally smooth and without facial hair now had a somewhat large and scraggly beard. When he opened his mouth, he found that his throat was very sore and he could not talk. 

"Sit him down." Maven said calmly. 

The guards walked him over to a wooden chair that was in the center of the Council Chamber. He still had his hands bound behind his back, and was still in his soiled robes. He then tried to speak. "I... I mean no ha-"

"Silence! This is your trial and you will only speak when asked to speak." Raeyna said, leaning back in the highback chair. 

"Now, Jareed, you know why you are here. Your little stunt in the Council Chambers the day they arrived did not go unnoticed. You have broken a law Jareed, and now you must pay the price." Maven said, looking at the other Council members. 

The spectators looked around at each other, some whispering to their neighbor about what they felt was going to happen next. 

"What shall we charge him on, Your Grace?" The High Councilman asked.

"Jareed, based on the evidence that has been brought forth to this Council, we find you guilty on the charges of; conspiracy to the throne and the Council, and the murder of Prince Thomas, one of the heirs to the throne." Maven said, staring directly at Jareed and no-one else.

"And his punishment?" The High Councilman asked.

"These acts can only be punished by death Jareed. On the morning of the first year, you shall be executed." Maven said showing almost no emotion.

Maven hated these hearings. She knew in the back of her mind that Jareed was most likely innocent, but to appeal to the East and the Council, she did what must be done. Maven also believed though if she were to execute an ambassador from another Kingdom that it would spread the message that she was a force that no-one should reckon with. She needed time to find out what Jareed's true motive was.


Evanora paced back and forth in the Sepulcher of Ichnad. Maven, of all people was the one that tried to kill him. For a moment, Evanora thought she had everything figured out, until she realized the time frame to which Kyro was thrown from his chambers. Maven was still dead during that time, meaning something else had to have thrown him from his chambers. She then looked over at Kyro, who was now laying in bed, semi-responsive. 

"Kyro, who really tried to kill you?" Evanora asked. 

"It was Maven, except she was... see through." Kyro replied, moaning afterward. 

Evanora stood right in front of his bed, tapping her foot. "See through? Like a spectral being?" 

"Yes. It was her ghost." Kyro said.

Her ghost? That was impossible. Her ghost would have went right through him. Someone else wanted him dead. 

"Kyro, you're not safe here." Evanora said, walking over to the ebony colored doors, and making sure no one was around. "We have to get you out of here."

The End

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