Chapter 36Mature

Vandresa listened as the wind caused a ripple in her sails. Her and her army had sat idle on the water for nearly a fortnight. She had sent a raven nearly three weeks ago asking for more men, yet no more men had come. At that exact moment, the Royal Bank was funding the construction of newer and more advanced ship for the royal fleet, and there was also the rumor that Maven was beginning to gain the trust once again of her people. Surely it wasn't enough people to end such a massive rebellion which had been brewing for fifteen years. 

"Vandresa, hope is lost. What point is there in sitting idle on the water? We need to sail back to King's Point and rally more men." A man said while sharpening his sword. 

Vandresa quickly slid off the table she was sitting on, then turned to look at the man, moving her finger back and forth. "No! Sailing back is not an option. The men inland are approaching Esses as we speak. They should arrive here within a fortnight or so. Then we can strike." 

The man stopped sharpening his sword and then stabbed it into the table. "We have men dying Vandresa! We are running out of food, and because you couldn't fulfill the deed the first time you tried..." He paused for a minute, trying to calm himself, "It's now or never Vandresa. The new year is coming soon, that will be the idle time to strike." 

Vandresa looked at him for a moment, then looked down at the floor. When she rose her head, she had a smile on her face. "Yes, the Feast of Prosperity. But how can we get me in? Surely we cannot get all the men into the feast, as many are ill and others look too dangerous." 

The man smiled at Vandresa and then took his sword out of the table. "Good, you needn't worry on how you're going to get in. I'll concoct a plan for that."

"So we shall meet again, Maven" Vandresa said, smiling.


Maven opened the two large doors that lead to her new chambers. This was the first time since her demise that she had a chamber. Prior to the reconstruction of the Keep, she was sleeping in various parts of the Keep, mainly the throne room. Now in front of her was a room full of decorations and marble pillars, all leading up to a massive bed that was slightly risen from the ground. To the sides of the bed was the crimson and golden banners which bore the Landen sigil; the eagle. Maven couldn't help but let out a few tears. After she observed her room, she noticed to oaken glass doors that led outside to a balcony. She slowly approached the two doors, then opening them. 

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Tywin said. 

Maven turned around and smiled, "Tywin, this is beautiful. The craftsmen surely outdid themselves this time." 

"Shall we walk out to the balcony?" Tywin asked.

"Of course." Maven replied, smiling.

Maven opened the two doors and waited for Tywin. After they were both outside, Maven shut the doors. The wind was howling that night. Looking out from the balcony was the port and the ocean. Sitting just off the port was two little specs which Maven figured to be Vandresa's so called 'army.' Tywin then took off his cloak and put it around Maven to keep her warm.

"Gods, doesn't this weather remind you of the days when we went up North with father?" Tywin asked.

Maven laughed, trying not to think about the cold, harsh wind. "Those were the days, weren't they? When we were so young and innocent." Maven replied, remembering the days when the Landens where trying to find her a marriage partner. 

"Yes, we were so innocent. We didn't know what the world had laid out before us. It seems everyday our family somehow gets smaller and smaller." Tywin said, staring out at the ocean. 

"Some days I wonder what would have happened if I married Yorgvir. Yeah his name is completely un-Southern like, but for living in that city, he had one of the warmest hearts." Maven said, still remembering the days of the North. 

"He's High King now from what I've heard. He makes a wonderful King from what I've heard as well." Tywin said, smiling at Maven.

Maven stood there, embracing the cold and staring out at the ocean as she did eighteen years ago in the Northern Kingdoms. 


"Now Maven, you must look proper for the High King and his family." Bormir said, smiling at Maven.

"Yes father. I will make you and the Southern Kingdoms proud." Maven replied.

"So you will, so you will." Bormir said giving his daughter a hug. 

Maven got off the large ship they had been on for nearly a month. The northern lands were much harsher than the southern lands where the flowers and grass swayed with the wind. In the North, there was almost no grass, and what grass there was, it was covered in multiple layers of frost. The ground underneath Maven's feet crunched with each step she took. Her father stood behind her and a throng of guards where in front of her. She was now considered a consort of the North. 

When they all arrived at the large stone castle, many people bowed before her and the guards saluted her. Standing in front of the large oaken doors leading into the castle was Yorgvir's father; High King Jorgun Yoruensen. The guards dispersed and now Maven stood alone in front of the High King of the Northern Kingdoms. Promptly, she curtsied in front of him and then smiled. "Your Grace." 

Jorgun smiled at Maven and then returned in favor, and bowed before her. "Your Grace as well." 

Bormir then approached Jorgun and kneeled before him. "Your Grace, we thank you for calling upon us." 

High King Jorgun motioned for Bormir to stand. "And we welcome you to our Kingdom, and our people welcome you too."

Bormir stood, then put his arm around Maven. Jorgun then motioned for them and their servants to follow him into Stoneheart Castle. The castle on the outside appeared dismal and broken, but inside it looked just as majestic as Sunspear Keep, though slightly smaller. Then finally, she saw him. Acclaimed to be the most beautiful person in the North, Prince Yorgvir Yoruensen.


Maven looked back at her brother and smiled. "The first day I saw him I knew he would make the perfect King and husband." 

"If only everything would have worked out. But surely Jonathan wasn't too bad." Tywin said, looking back at his sister.

Maven turned from her brother, and looked back at the ocean and the rocks that where underneath them. This was almost the exact spot where she shoved Jonathan out of her window almost two months ago. How time had changed her and how things had changed to where she felt as if she had no power anymore. 

"We must find him guilty." Maven blurted.

Tywin looked at her, simply blinking. "Guilty?"

"Jareed of the East must be found guilty on the charges of conspiring against the throne and the Council." Maven said quickly. 

"If that is your decision, it shall be." Tywin said. "Goodnight Maven, sleep well for we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow."

Maven kissed Tywin on the cheek and said her farewells, watching him leave. Once he was gone, Maven poured herself a goblet of wine and sat on her bed, staring at the burning candles. 

The End

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