Chapter 35Mature

"When will we finally be reunited with mother?" Rogan asked sharply. "It's been almost a fortnight!" 

The man shook his head. How could he explain this to them; that their mother was potentially conspiring with the Council. The children could not be returned to a traitor, especially a traitor so powerful as she. 

"You will see your mother, when your mother is ready to see you. She is-" The man said before the doors busted open. He turned quickly, drawing his dagger, pointing it at the figure that stood before them. 

"And their mother is ready to see them." A man with a deep, dark voice said. 

"Nonsense! Maven is conspiring against the throne!" The man the children were with shouted.

"Maven is the throne damn you!" The deep voiced man said sharply. "Now give me the children, that's all I ask of you." 

Elena started to walk towards to man, whom greeted her with open arms. Once Elena was close enough to the man, whom was wearing a red robe, grabbed her hand and gently pulled her to him. He then beckoned for Rogan to come. 

"Your mother is waiting. She wishes to see you dearly." The man said once more.

Rogan stared at the figure, listening to his voice, and observing his every movement. Rogan then blinked for a moment, then approached the man, for he was their uncle Tywin. Rogan turned at the man that was protecting them, and bowed. "I thank you for your service, but our mother wishes to see us."

The man stood there, speechless. For a moment he thought about grabbing them back. This was impossible, Maven was a traitor to the East. Rumors had spread that she had imprisoned Jareed. Jareed, the man that gave her life and guided her through her new journey. Jareed was sent as an ambassador to the South to assure the Kingdoms that the Dragon Queen be well taught. 

"No! I cannot allow you to do that. The children must remain with me until Jareed arrives and tells me what to do. I assure you that when Jareed arrives that all this can be cleared up." The man said, motioning for two children to come back to him. 

"That is impossible, for you see, Maven had Jareed imprisoned on the charges of conspiring against the throne and against the Council. He is awaiting his trial to where he will receive the Queen's Justice." Tywin replied, turning the children around and motioning for them to leave. 

"The Gods be... the rumors are true. She is surely damned now." The man said, shaking his head.

"Maven has chosen the right path. You can come on the morrow and witness Jareed's public trial. Gods have mercy on him." Tywin replied before leaving the small house that they were all in.


Maven walked into the ballroom which was nearing its completion. The ballroom was serving as the throne room as well while the man worked on a new throne room. All around her, she heard the sounds of men discussing the building plans and also their plans to get drunk after work at the local inn. Then came all the women that were setting up the ballroom for the feast. They were nearing a new year and with every new year came the Feast of Prosperity. Yet again, the Kingdom was sparing no coin with this feast, for all the major houses of the Southern Kingdoms would attend. Even with a rebellion coming, Maven had hoped that she could blanket the whole rebellion thing by regaining the allegiance of all the houses. But she feared how that would turn out with the trial of Jareed looming over her. None of that seemed to bother her on the outside though, as she walked around, smiling at all the people.

"You're all doing a lovely job. The Keep looks even more lovely now than it has in the history of the Southern Kingdoms. This will surely be a wonderful thing once finished." Maven said. 

"Thank ya', your Grace!" A man shouted at her, then waving at her. 

Surely if she could influence the commons and the lower class people, surely she could regain the allegiance of the houses. 

"Maven! There you are. We need to discuss the trial tomorrow. I fear that we are walking on very thin ice your Grace. If we find him innocent, he will surely flee back to the East and slander you, but if we find him guilty, surely the East will be quite unhappy with our choice." Raeyna said frantically. 

"Calm yourself. I am Maven, Queen of the South, Queen of the Vale, and Harbinger of Dragons. Surely we can make do with this trial whether our decision be fatal or life giving." Maven replied. 

Raeyna smiled at her, she seemed a little more reassured than before. "Yes, your Grace. You are absolutely correct! As always." 

Maven smiled at her, "You worry too much sometimes Raeyna. But don't fret, with the Feast of Prosperity coming soon, all is going to be well."

Before Raeyna could speak, a Dragon Guard walked in. "Your Grace, you have a man here to see you, claims to be your brother." 

Maven turned around and looked at the guard for a moment before smiling. "Gods be praised Tywin made it." 

"Sister!" Tywin shouted as we walked into the ballroom. 

"Mommy!" Elena shouted, breaking loose from Tywin and running up to her mother, grabbing her leg. "I've missed you."

Maven tried to keep her composure. She could not cry in front of all these people, yet she was so happy to be reunited with her children. 

"Tywin, how can I ever thank you?" Maven asked, giving a small laugh to cover up her wanting to cry. 

"You don't need to. This is my duty isn't it? To serve and protect the Queen until the end of her days." Tywin said, then giving his sister a hug. "Gods we've all missed you Maven." 

Rogan bowed before his mother, giving a faint smile. "Mother." 

"Your Grace, the statue is finished!" A craftsman said. 

Tywin looked at Maven and smiled. "Shall we all take a look?"

"That would be splendid." Maven said smiling, walking out of the commotion filled ballroom.

The End

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