Chapter 34Mature

Jareed sat in the far left corner of cell, staring into the endless darkness. No longer was he prim and proper. He now had some dark stubble growing on his chin, and his hair was becoming longer, and more of a tangled mess. Sweat dripped from the ends of his hair, his pupils were now large. Silently, he talked to himself. Sometimes he would yell, other times it would just be a small whisper, and other times it'd just be him mouthing words. The guards in the new prison claimed that the was mentally unstable and should be executed, but Maven insisted that he be kept alive. 

"They will pay for all! Yes! For all, haha." He said to himself, rocking back and forth. 

The guard turned around, just observing him. Slowly, he walked back, away from the cell. It was his duty to make sure Jareed stayed alive, but it was not his duty to have to deal with this utter nonsense. He ran out of the cell block to get more guards. This man was going to need for than one, that was for sure. 

"Raeyna shall pay. Maven shall pay. The Dragon Council shall pay. Everyone pay! Haha!" He said, this time a little louder, and in a more maniacal tone. 

Just above Jareed's cell wall was a vent. A vent which was pumping out some sort of gas, which caused him to be the way he was. It was all part of a plan that would alter the history of Enron. 

"Pay. Pay. Pay." He said silently to himself, staring at the seemingly never ending flame on the wall.


"Where are my children?" Maven asked one of her guards.

"Your Grace, we are still looking for them. I assure you they are safe." The Guard replied. 

Maven smiled, "You are dismissed soldier." 

The guard saluted her, then walked away. Maven decided to just stand there after he left. All around her was the sound of pounding and rumbling and mumbling. The Royal Bank had spared no coin in the effort of rebuilding Sunspear Keep and rebuilding the Hall of the Foreseen. Both, which were vital to the cause. If Esses were to greet these traitors and rebels with open arms as she had planned, they surely needed more resources, guards, and a more fortified Keep. For the time being, Maven had covered up the fact that the lower class people would be suffering hardships to which they had never seen before. 

"Your Grace, where do you want the statue?" A craftsman asked her.

"In the main courtyard will be fine." Maven replied.

Sunspear was getting a massive upgrade. No building in the history of Esses had ever been restored or rebuilt to such a massive scale. More portcullises were being installed, but to cover up the gloominess of war, the Garden of Esses was being replanted. This time with a wider variation of flowers and exotic fruit tress. Massive marble fountains were being installed in the main courtyard, where the statue would go, right on top the main fountain. 

The statue, which was called 'The Giving Mother' depicted Maven, holding her arms out, as if she were welcoming everyone into her city with open arms. It was a symbol of hope and prosperity, that Esses shall, and will rebuild. From any point of Esses, the statue could be seen. 

"Sunspear surely has come a long way since it's destruction." Raeyna said, smiling at Maven.

"Ah, Raeyna. So glad you could join us. Though it does look beautiful, doesn't it? Oh! Put the portrait over there!" Maven shouted, smiling at Raeyna, yet pointing over at the opposite wall so the worker knew where to put it.

"We're certainly glad to see that you're coming back to your normal self. My, that was a scary time; you wanting to burn everyone and everything." Raeyna said, giving a small laugh. 

"I am glad as well. Some days I feel as if it were Jareed that caused me to slowly fall into such a chaotic downfall." Maven replied, still observing all the work that was being done. 

"You don't need to worry about him anymore. I've seen to it that he has been," she paused, "personally punished." Raeyna said, giving Maven a sly wink.

Maven smiled at her, "Very well. Then all is in order." Maven turned around, looking at the Keep. "Let them come."

The End

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