Chapter 33Mature

Evanora looked at herself in the mirror. Slowly, she ran her hand through her soft black hair. She felt a gust of wind that blew in from the ocean. Slowly, she walked over to her window, looking out at the rest of Esses. Underneath her, she felt the cold hard stone of a floor. She turned around and walked towards her wardrobe. She opened it, staring at the finished product. In front of her was a long, yet elegant dress. On the outside it looked like an everyday dress that any noble woman would wear, but on the inside it was full of plated armor. She planned on taking that throne once and for all. To her left sat a set of daggers and a long, sharp ebony sword. She smiled at the sword and daggers.

"Maven, are you prepared to meet the end, and see our lord Ichnad?" She said to herself. 

Just as Evanora began to shrug off her night gown, a man came rushing in. "Madame! It's Kyro! He's awake!" 

Evanora turned around and looked at the man. She gave a subtle smile. "Then I believe we should meet with him." 


Kyro slowly around the room. He was unfamiliar with the environment. Where was he? His vision was still somewhat blurred, but he figured that would soon pass. He wondered how long he had been out as well. He went to speak, but found he could not. His throat was too dry so it hurt when he tried to talk. To his luck, the nurse that had last visited him had left a small goblet of what he believed was water. Quickly he grabbed it and drank the nice, cool liquid. Again, he tried to speak.

"Whe- where am I?" He asked.

A nurse turned around, dropping a goblet she was about to give to another patient. "I'll be damned. He's awake." 

The nurse quickly ran over to him, putting the back of her hand on his forehead to make sure he didn't have a fever. Suddenly, the wooden door burst open, and standing at the threshold was Evanora, and three other men. 

"Everyone out! Now!" She shouted. 

The nurses all bolted up, staring at the woman. "There are sick patients here that need tending to, please keep your voice down."

"I could care less, there is one important patient that is now awake, and I need to speak with him, alone." Evanora said, grabbing the nurse by the end of her pony tail. 

Kyro looked over at the woman. "Evanora?"

Evanora threw the woman at the wall, then walking over to Kyro. All the nurses heeded Evanora's request and left, the last one shutting the door behind them. Kyro gave Evanora a small kiss on the cheek. 

"We thought we were going to lose you."Evanora said, smiling at Kyro. 

"It takes a little more than being flung out a window to kill me." Kyro replied, giving a small laugh. 

"Yes, that's the problem though. Someone wants to kill you, and we need you to tell us who this someone is." Evanora replied. 

Kyro looked at her, and for the first time since anyone had recalled, Kyro began to weep. He continuously shook his head, mumbling only the word no. Evanora was becoming rather tiresome, she then slapped him. "Enough! For the love of gods just tell us who tried to kill you."

Kyro looked at her, "It was... Maven."


Maven stood at the end of the steps that lead to Sunspear Keep, which was now under the process of being rebuilt. In front of her, stood a majority of the city; peasants, noblemen and women, commoners, and even some of the medics. She was in an elegant crimson colored dress. For the first time since her demise, she was addressing her people.

"Men, women, children. As most of you know, there was an attempted assassination on me and my family. We have already lost a King, but what of it if we lost our Queen, the mother of her people. Surely that is what these abominations want. Chaos. Yes, chaos would reign should I have been murdered. But thankfully, by the grace of the gods and man, I, Queen Maven Landen, am alive and well. But they do not stop at just attacking me, these same people have destroyed the Hall of the Foreseen. But just as they tried to ruin the Keep, we shall rebuild. I have the utmost spirit and trust that you too, will do your part in helping us rebuild. We still have Vandresa to deal with as well, but surely her army is losing hope. They sit idle on the waters, waiting for the moment. Though that moment, shall never come. Until then, I leave you with the assurance that I am trying my best to rebuild that, which has been destroyed. Esses today. Esses tomorrow. Esses, forever." The Queen bowed before her people, who at this point were either crying, cheering, or doing both. 

Maven began to walk up the steps, she then felt a slight tug at her dress. Four of her guards turned around and drew there swords, pointing them at the small child. Maven turned around, looking at her guards. "This is a child, put away your weapons."

The child shuddered in fear, still holding out in her hands, a small box that was wrapped around with a ribbon. Crimson. The color of the House Landen. "This is for you, and for all you've done for us."

Maven smiled at the small child, whom reminded her so much of her beloved son Thomas, whom was with the Gods now. A small tear ran down her cheek. "Thank you, little one. I will cherish this forever. Here, give this to your mother or father." Maven gave the small child a pouch of gold. 

The little boy ran down the steps with the biggest smile on his face. 

"That was very kind of you, but how long do you think they'll buy this act?" A guard asked.

"Long enough for us to build a better and more fortified Keep. Long enough for us to persuade them into killing each other and killing the rebels. Peasants only have one use, and that's dying." 

The End

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