Chapter 32Mature

Evanora slowly opened the large ebon door that lead to Kyro's chamber. The moment she shut the door, she began weep. She cried endlessly, not even wanting to stop herself. She grabbed a bottle of wine simply to throw it at the wall. 

"Damn her! She will not best us." Evanora shouted.

The door opened and an assassin walked in. "Is everything alright?" He asked her.

"Kyro will inevitably die. There is nothing any of us can do for him at this point. Hope is lost, we have failed Ichnad. Not even all the Gods together could pull a miracle this great. The plan must go as planned, and we must strike now." Evanora said silently. 

"Are you sure? This soon? Will it even be safe?" He asked her.

Evanora stared at him for moments, then she finally spoke. "We killed off one Landen child, we can do so for the other two. Bring me the girl next. Their deaths must be in order from youngest to oldest, then ending with the matriarch. Ichnad must be pleased." 

Before the man could speak, Evanora took her leave, her long ebony colored dress following behind her. There was work that needed to be done, and it had to be done fast. 


Jareed stood in front of the large maple doors. Just behind them stood the Council and the Dragon Queen. His moment was now. He needed to end this. His heart beating rapidly, he slowly pushed the door open. He was unnoticed, and slipped right in. Raeyna was standing in the middle of the chamber. 

"Maven, you needn't worry about this. When the Council left for Esses, so did three hundred ships full of Dragon Guards. They will be arriving soon, and all will be well again. Order must be maintained for peace and prosperity. It is known." Raeyna said, then bowing. 

Maven smiled as she sipped on her goblet of wine. Jareed looked right at her, hoping she would not see him, but she did. "Jareed, so nice of you to return."

All the Council members turned and looked at Jareed. His heart was now racing. He knew that Maven wouldn't dare kill him, because if he died, so did her children. "Maven! Listen to me. These men and women are here to manipulate you. They don't want to help you." 

Maven raised her eyebrow, the laughed. "What is this nonsense? Jareed, who have you been talking to? This is the Council." 

Jareed shook his head. "No, this is not the Council. Not the Council that would have given Esses guidance. They want Esses for themself. They want this city."

"This man speaks in rumors!" The High Councilman shouted.

"For the love of Gods would you sit down!" Maven shouted. "Now Jareed, explain yourself."

Jareed glared at the High Councilman. "When I left for Esses, it was originally to persuade you to come to this meeting, to manipulate you as well. But I couldn't pull myself to do so. Maven, you must see through your eyes, though I know that your vision is clouded, but please see through their games. I know you're in there Maven!" 

"Burn him!" Raeyna shouted, wiping the sweat from her brow she rose.

Maven shook her head. "Jareed, you have committed heresy, a crime punishable only by execution. You will be imprisoned for now until the Queen's Justice seeks you. Farewell Jareed."

"Maven, no! Listen to me. You're going to regret your decision!" He shouted as two Council members pulled him out of the room. 

Maven then looked at Raeyna, "It is you that shall be burned." 

The End

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