Chapter 31Mature

Jareed limped slowly through the desolate Keep. He sensed that he had a bad sprain in his lower left leg. Though that did not stop him. Slowly, he started to walk a little faster until he was at a brisk jog. Cringing with each step, he continued his journey through the Keep. Looking at the death and destruction that had already been brought upon by the Council. This was Jareed's final goal; to overthrow the Council. Just as Jareed was making progress, he tripped over some rubble. 

"They must be stopped." He said to himself. 

"And that they will." A lady in a long black dress replied.

Jareed looked up at the woman, reaching his arm out to her. "Please, help me." 

The woman helped Jareed up, then turned around and walked down the hallway. "Who are you?" Jareed asked.

The woman said nothing and just continued walking. Jareed began to follow her, noticing that she was going in the same direction as him. After a while, she just vanished and all that remained was an ebony dagger. Jareed looked around, baffled at what had just happened. 

"Take the dagger and end it all." 


Vandresa looked at all the destroyed ships. The Royal Fleet was ravaged, along with the ships that had brought over Jareed and his men. Her next target was the Dragon Fleet. Vandresa smiled and walked over to one of her soldiers. 

"Tell the men to direct their attention to the Dragon Fleet, I will be rallying the others. The city will be ours, and soon." Vandresa said, taking her leave.

Vandresa once again returned to the lower decks where her men were now sitting around and drinking ale. The moment that her gown was noticed, her men stood at attention and saluted her. 

"At ease. Now men, I come before you to announce that the Sack of Esses has come. The capital is now vulnerable and ripe for the taking. I will be your Queen, and you will all be named knights. You will be showered with titles, glory, and riches. This is it men! This is the turning of the era." Vandresa shouted.

The men cheered and hit their shields with their sword. Vandresa turned on her heel and left the middle deck and went down one more deck, to where Lilliana's body still was. It had only been hours since she had murdered her former Grand Admiral and lover. But she knew that it was for the best. 

"I will always love you."


The Grand Sage sat again at his desk, re-reading the prophecy over and over. He was looking for an answer that he knew wouldn't be able to find. Not without the help of Solan. Suddenly, a small gust of wind blew in from the harbor, extinguishing his candle light. Though it was getting lighter outside, his room was always dark. 

"Damn wind." Toran muttered to himself. 

Toran stood to grab a match to relight his candle. His effort was in essence futile. He wandered around his room for minutes, finding not a single match. Then, footsteps were heard.

"Hello, who's there?" Toran asked in the darkness.

"Fire take us all." The man said.

Toran looked at the now apparent figure. Toran didn't even have a moment to scream before the Hall of the Foreseen went up in flames. Any last trace of whether or not Maven was the true Dragon Queen was gone. It had died with Toran and Solan. 


Maven sat back down in the high rise chair, only to enjoy a moment of peace before one of her guards came running in. "Your Grace, we have a message."

"You are interrupting the Council! This man must burn!" The High Councilman shouted.

"ENOUGH! Sit down old man. What is this message?" Maven exploded. 

The guard slowly approached her, handing her the rolled parchment, then scurrying out of the chamber. Maven looked at it for a moment, then unrolled it.


I write to you in this dire time. The Western Kingdom along with a majority of the Southern Kingdom have rose their banners. They plan on overthrowing the Landen monarchy. High King Loral has sent fifty ships with troops from the west, and they are to land at King's Point soon. From there all the armies will convene at the Crest, along with the rebels that your late husband had defeated merely a month ago. You must act now!"

Maven crumpled the parchment and threw it. "Gods be damned!" She shouted.

"What did it say?" A Councilman asked. 

"War is coming. We must prepare." Maven said quietly. 

The End

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