Chapter 30Mature

"Maven, the Dragon Queen in the flesh." Raeyna said, smiling at her. 

Maven bowed before Raeyna, and the men that stood behind her. "And what do I owe to the Council?" 

Raeyna laughed, then slowly approached Maven. "We've come to give you guidance. With all the turmoil and calamity that is stirring around, I thought it'd be for the best." 

Maven gave a small laugh, "Very well. As you can see though, the Keep has seen much better days." 

Maven gestured for Raeyna and the rest of the Council to follow her. She wasn't expecting them to arrive so soon, in fact, she wasn't expecting them to arrive at all. She opened the large maple doors that lead into the Council chamber; the only remaining room in the Keep. It was the only thing that was not harmed when the tower collapsed. As if by chance, so the Council would have a place to stay. 

Raeyna looked at the intricate patterns that were carved into the marble pillars, and the large crystal chandelier that hung high above her. The sun was trying to make it's way through the clouds, and the light shone in through the glass dome. 

"The Council chamber, in all it's glory, finally to be used for the right purpose." Raeyna said in awe.

"Shall we begin?" Maven asked.


Jareed slowly opened his eyes. How long had he been asleep? He looked at his arm, noticing that it was burnt. He shook his head as he stood, then he approached the window, looking outside. It had started, and he knew it. There was nothing he could do to stop it either. Jareed knew why the Council was here, and he knew that he needed to stop them. 

"Cannons?" Jareed asked himself. 

Jareed walked back over to the window, listening. Off in the distance he heard the shots of cannons. For the first time in his life, Jareed felt tears stream from his eyes. He had a single mission, and he was failing it. He knew what failure meant. He had already failed the Dragon Queen, but he would not allow himself to stand idle as the Council manipulated her.


Raeyna poured herself a goblet of wine, she was smiling. She walked over to the other Council members, pouring wine into their cups as well. The meeting was about to begin, after three hundred years the day had finally arrived. Back in her mind, she wondered where Jareed was. She remembered ordering him to remain by her sides at all times to keep her safe. She simply shook her head and went back to her seat. 

Raeyna looked over as a tall man in a large red robe stood. "The Council has commenced." He said. "Three hundred years ago, Queen Esses of the Vale was assassinated in her tower in this exact Keep by her supposed 'lover.' Now, three hundred years have passed, and the same has happened to Queen Maven Landen, descendant of Esses." He paused for a moment, "Her ancestor, Rovan Landen slit the throat of Esses, but not before having a child with her. It is with great pleasure, that we sit in the presence of the Dragon Queen." 

Maven smiled, then stood. "Thank you High Councilman. What an honor it is to stand in front of the Council. I will assure you that those that have betrayed us, shall be purified in dragon flame." 

Raeyna shuddered at the thought of dragon flame; the reason she lost her family. Raeyna continued to listen to Maven's speech.

"When Jareed arrived, it was too late for me. As Kyro had already assassinated me. But he did not realize that I would come back as something more powerful than he could ever imagine. Now, we stand at the dawning of the New Age; the Age of Dragons. An age that will not be forgotten, not for thousands of years. This age will punish those that have caused harm to innocents and those that have betrayed others. I will assure you that when the usurpers try to sack our city, they will be met by fire." 

The Council clapped as Maven returned to her seat. Raeyna then stood. "But where is Jareed?" 

Maven turned around and glared at Raeyna. "You dare speak that traitors name? The man that is the reason I lost my son! Jareed betrayed us and the Order. He too shall burn!" 

The End

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