Chapter 29Mature

Toran walked quickly through the bustling crowd in the Market District of Esses, he had to get to the Keep. He needed to know how Maven had died that night, that is if she even did die. While he was rushing through the crowd, he noticed guards were rushing out of the Market District and over to the Royal Port. He heard people shouting something about cannons and ships. 

Toran, in fear of being spotted put up his cowl and ran through the crowd, finally reaching the steps leading up to the Keep. The Keep, though ravaged in the fire towered over everything still, yet now it was more ominous. It's charred walls and ashen covered steps kept people away from it those days. 

"Grand Sage, you are not welcome here. Please return to the Hall of the Foreseen. The Queen will bless you with her presence when she feels it is time to return to you." A man wearing a dark robe said. 

"Then answer me this, for it is the only reason I seek her; is Maven Landen of Esses blood?" Toran asked.

"Grand Sage, re-read the prophecy and there you will have your answer." The man replied, pushing the Grand Sage away. 

The Grand Sage started on his way, looking behind him, staring at the ruined Keep. 


Raeyna was helped off of her ship, now she was being directed to the Keep. Her golden hair flowed in the wind. It was windy that day, and cloudy. The sun hadn't been out for days at this point. People were fearing that the cold days were approaching. 

"Does she know we have arrived?" Raeyna asked.

"Most likely. She has probably sensed it. The Dragon Queen can always sense when the Council is coming." One of her escorts replied. 

Raeyna looked over at the Keep, which was beginning to loom over her, and she noticed a figure. A slender, yet tall woman was standing by a window. She couldn't quite tell who or what it was. 

"Is the Keep even suitable for us to be staying in it?" Raeyna asked, still looking over at the figure in the window of the Keep.

"The part the council will be staying in is still suitable for living, but no one inhabits the Keep as of right now due to some of it's unstable nature. I assure you though that the Keep is safe for you to be there." The escort replied. 

Finally, Raeyna and the rest of the Council had arrived at the Keep, which now was much larger than what it was looked like. 

"I welcome you to Sunspear Keep, home of Queen Maven Landen, Queen of the Southern Kingdoms, and of the Vale." The escort said before taking his leave.

"Hello Raeyna." Maven said, standing at the top of the grand staircase.


Lilliana hid in a corner of the ship and wept. Whatever had happened between her and Vandresa was now gone, and that hole was now filled with hatred. She could feel it in her that she had failed her Queen and lover. 

"Lilliana, where are you?" Vandresa said.

Lilliana perked up, then listening to make sure she wasn't too close to her. But she was. Though her footsteps were muffled by the sounds of cannons being fired, she knew Vandresa was getting closer to her.

"I'm not going to harm you, I just want to talk; to apologize." Vandresa said.

A faint glow appeared near Lilliana, she knew it was Vandresa. The glow started to get brighter and brighter, and the footsteps became more prominent sounding. Lilliana gulped, the stood up and walked into the hallway.

"Ah, there you are." Vandresa said, smiling at Lilliana.

Lilliana just stared at her, she was at a loss of words. All this time that she was hiding she thought that Vandresa was going to harm her, but she stood before her, smiling. 

"Vandresa, I'm so sorry I ran off. It's just I was afraid that I was failing you and you were growing tired of me." Lilliana said, starting to cry.

"Oh, but I am." Vandresa said, her face hidden by her cowl.

"What? I thought you were going to apologize." Lilliana said, starting to walk backwards. 

"Lilliana, when have I ever apologized, to anyone? Now, I need a new Grand Admiral, and you just don't fit the standards any longer." Vandresa said quickly and tensely. 

Vandresa pulled out her dagger; the same dagger that she was going to use to kill her aunt. She felt the coldness of the steel and the hardness of the hilt. She then looked up at Lilliana and smiled. "Your days have come to an end. This will be the last breath you take. Breathe wisely." 

Lilliana opened her mouth to scream, but it was too late. The steel had cut through her. For only a second she felt the warm blood run down her neck. She tried to stop it by placing her hand over her wound.

"Now Lilliana, stop trying to save yourself. It's not going to work." Vandresa said, thrusting the dagger into her hand. 

Lilliana fell to the ground, drenched in her own blood, and with a dagger stuck into her hand that went through her neck as well. Vandresa shook her head, then ripped out the dagger and walked away as if nothing had happened.

"Trust no one, yet you trusted me and that was your biggest mistake." Vandresa said to herself.

The End

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