Chapter 28Mature

Vandresa stood there smiling. She enjoyed watching those ships burn. She knew that the Kingdom was now struggling and that she had the perfect time to strike. Once again, she bore the golden eagle, the sigil of House Landen. Her armor was gold, but then put in a furnace to turn it a ruby red. Lilliana stood at her side, smiling. 

"Vandresa, the Kingdom will soon bow to you." Lilliana said in a happy tone.

Vandresa on the other hand did not look pleased. "Yes, but unfortunately it has taken burning ships and destroying Keeps. There is no true seat right now, not until the Keep gets rebuilt." 

Lilliana looked down at the ground and pouted. She didn't mean to anger her Queen, but she had. It was getting harder these days not to anger her. She knew that everyday that passed was another day that Vandresa was not Queen, and she had promised Vandresa queendom and Vandresa was not yet the Queen.

"I'm sorry Your Grace. I didn't mean to anger you. I only meant," Lilliana said, pleading for forgiveness before she was cut-off. 

"I know you didn't mean to anger me. It's just I want to take my throne how my ancestors took it; by cutting people's throats." Vandresa said, listening to the cannon shots as if they were music. 

Lilliana simply stared at her. She had never seen this side of Vandresa. She had seen her angry, but never this angry to where she started talking about cutting people's throats, even if it was how she wanted to take the throne. 

"I see Your Grace." Lilliana said before running off.

Vandresa simply watched her run off. Every day that passed, Lilliana became more and more incompetent and less reliable as she had been when she first appointed her the Grand Admiral of the Landen Fleet. Her fleet. Vandresa knew what had to be done, and she would have to do it, and soon. 

"This will be your final battle, Admiral Raventusk." Vandresa said to herself before turning on her heel to follow Lilliana. 


The Grand Sage sat in a large, yet empty room. He was trying to connect all the points that had been brought up in his intellectual discussion with Master Solan. He tapped his finger on the desk that he sat at. 

"Stupid man! Did you not see the fire that burned through the night? Preparations are to be made. She has returned, and you are too ignorant to believe what is right in front of you. Now go! Go and ring the bells!" Continuously ran through his mind. Toran had seen the fire that burned through the night, but he had assumed that it was only another port fire. Then he thought harder, remembering the fact that the bells were rung three times. 

"Maven?" Toran asked himself. 

It couldn't be her, no. She was too kind to be any sort of Dragon Queen. All he knew of was the fire, and not how the Queen truly died. Toran quickly stood up, and took his leave of the room.

"Gods be good if it is her." Toran said to himself. 


"Where are you taking us?" Rogan asked one of the men.

"Back to the Keep." The second man replied.

Rogan stared at the man. Back to the Keep? But Rogan remembered the fact that the Keep had burned through the night. Rogan, to divert his attention of returning to the Keep looked over at his sister and smiled at her. "We're going to be reunited with mother."

Elena smiled and laughed a little. "Yay! I can't wait to see mother again. I hope she's doing well."

"You two will not at first be reunited with your mother. There is much that Jareed must explain to you. But before the day is over yes, you will be reunited with your mother." The first man said to Rogan and Elena.

For a short minute, Elena frowned, but then smiled again. "As long as it is before the day is over!"


"Do you hear that?" Maven asked, "It's the sound of men dying on the horizon, your men, Jareed." 

Jareed nodded at her, sweat starting to form on his brow. "What do you mean Maven?" 

"Should your men fail, and my children die," She paused and looked out of the closest window she could find, "it will be you that pays the ultimate sacrifice. All three of my children must be unharmed."

All three. Jareed had only remembered seeing two children on that ship, not three. He gulped. He knew that Prince Thomas had been murdered by the Assassins of Ichnad. "Maven, there is something you need to know." 

"What?" She asked, her tone now more friendly. 

"Before my men got to your children, Thomas was assassinated." Jareed said quickly.

Maven stopped walking, and she certainly didn't respond. She quickly turned around and stared at Jareed. Slowly she walked closer to him, reaching her arm out to him. He couldn't tell if she was angry or sad. 

"You have failed me, Jareed." Maven said silently. "Now you must pay the price." 

"Maven, wait. He died before we arrived, this isn't my fault!" Jareed said.

Maven grabbed Jareed's throat and lifted him off the ground. "I won't kill you, but I will damage you." 

The room started to become hotter, the ruby pendant that Maven bore started to glow. Jareed began to scream as the heat burned at his body. He felt as if he was on fire, but he wasn't actually on fire. After awhile Maven threw him at the wall. Jareed had burn wounds on his left arm, and on his face.

Maven left the corridor, then locked the door. 

"My baby Thomas, gone. My sweet, innocent Thomas taken from me. They will pay! The Sepulcher will burn!" Maven said, storming out of the corridor she was now in, then out of the Keep.

The End

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