Chapter 27Mature

The ships sailed closer to Esses. The large red dragon became more prominent as it closed in on the shore. Raeyna climbed up to the top deck. This was her first time seeing the capital city of the Southern Kingdoms. She observed all that she could see. It was beautiful to her, despite the crumbling keep that still towered over everything. She only simply smiled at the sight. It was an honor for her to sail to Esses to meet the Dragon Queen. 

Three hundred years had passed since the Kingdoms had seen a Dragon Queen, and now one has returned. When Raeyna heard that the Dragon Queen was Maven Landen, she could not contain her excitement. She only knew of Maven and her victories, but Raeyna knew that Maven was going to be one of the greatest Dragon Queens that anyone had ever seen.

"We're nearly there." A council member said to Raeyna.

"Yes we are. I think she is waiting for us." Raeyna replied.

"What is she like?" The man asked.

"I heard she's ruthless and will not think twice before executing someone. But that was before she became the Dragon Queen. I'm sure she's even worse now. Worse than Esses." Raeyna replied, looking towards the Keep.


Lady Evanora walked in silently to the infirmary. She quickly, in a panic, observed the room, looking for Kyro. She held the letter tight and close to her bosom. She absolutely had to get this letter to Kyro, otherwise she knew everything would be lost. 

"How can we help you ma'am?" A nurse asked.

"I'm looking for Kyro." Evanora replied.

The nurse nodded, then motioned for Evanora to follow her. She then curtly bowed and took her leave. 

Evanora felt a small tear roll down her face as she stared at him. He simply lay there, mumbling words every so often. Other than that, Kyro made no sound or motion. Evanora ran over to him, kneeling by his side. "What happened?"

For a moment, she thought that if she shook him that he would be able to wake up, but then reality sat in and she knew that nothing could bring him out of this seemingly endless slumber. 

"Kyro, when you awake, we have important news to discuss. Until then, I leave you with this." Evanora said, sliding the letter under his back.

Evanora then stood, and left the infirmary, trying to hold herself together long enough to leave.


Jareed walked alongside Maven as she walked down the corridors that remained intact. She gently ran her fingers along the wall, ash coming off endlessly. Paintings had ripped and fell to the floor, and chandeliers had crashed to the ground. Jareed could not help but stare at her radiant beauty. Her crimson gown that gently caressed the floor and the burning ruby that sat comfortably above her chest. Her dark and mysterious black hair was up in a simple bun. For once, the Queen looked normal, as normal can be for being a Dragon Queen.

"Your Grace, why have you returned here?" Jareed asked.

"Because it is my only home here in the capital." Maven said, seeming sad. 

Jareed nodded at her, then continued to walk by her. For a moment, they both remained silent, then Jareed broke the silence yet again. "Why don't you just leave? Just return to King's Point?"

Maven looked at him, and for a moment she smiled. Remembering the fond memories that she had of home before she was shipped off to Esses. She remembered the ocean and small port. King's Point and Esses weren't too different from each other, but King's Point as she recalled would always be considered a friendlier city. 

"Because," she paused for a moment, looking at a portrait of the previous Queen and King of Esses, "they support Vandresa." 

Jareed, for a moment looked over at the portrait as well, trying to discern what Maven was staring at. "Who is that, in that portrait?"

Maven laughed, "Why Jareed, that's my parents."


Rogan and Elena sat in the ship, waiting for their mother and the man to return. Elena was over in a corner crying, and Rogan sat in a chair, observing his sword and the decorative patterns that was on it. 

"When will they be back? It's been hours." Rogan asked.

"They will come and get you when the time is right. Until then you are to remain on this ship. You needn't worry about anything. We will make sure that nothing happens to you. We have sworn it by the blood of the dragon." A tall, dark man replied.

In the distance, Rogan thought that he heard cannons. For a short while he shook his head, no ship that he knew of had cannons except for the Royal Fleet and... the Landen Fleet. As far as Rogan knew, the Royal Fleet was still docked because no navel battles were occurring. It had to be the Landen Fleet. 

"Sir, do you hear that?" Rogan asked.

"Hear what?" The man asked.

The man stood there, listening for a few minutes, and he too heard it. The cannon shots were getting louder. Which meant the Landen Fleet was getting closer, again. "Cannons?"

Rogan stood up, only to be tackled by the man that was protecting them. The wooden walls exploded and the room was showered with debris. Men coughed and tried to regain their balance. 

"Is everyone okay?" The man shouted to the people in the lower decks.

Rogan, frantically looked around for his sister, yet he couldn't find her. "Elena!"

"Take her and leave! There are two men waiting for you just outside the port. Go!" The tall man shouted.

Rogan quickly grabbed his sister and pulled her out of the ship, she was still staring at the man that had protected them, only to then see him by crushed by a cannon ball. Then they both smelt smoke. Rogan knew the ship wouldn't last much longer. Just as Rogan and Elena got away from the ship, it went up in flames, only then to explode. Showering the port with cloth, blood, and wood. 

The End

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