Chapter 26Mature

The moon lit the sky and shone down on Maven. She stood at the edge of the beach, staring out into the ocean. She could still make out the outline of the ten ships that were preparing to dock. Jareed approached her, observing her every movement. "You look ravishing, Your Grace."

Maven turned her head and smiled. "Don't I? Now, I assume you come to me though with something other than complementing my looks?"

Seven men appeared out of the darkness, five caring a large wooden pole, and the other two were carrying a body. Maven turned around and smiled at all seven of the men. She knew why they were here. She sensed it in them. None of them said a single word, the five men simply stuck to pole into the ground, then brought out the man. 

"Who is this?" Maven asked.

"This is Vandresa's inside informant." Jareed replied. 

The two men pushed the man into the sand. The man that lay before Maven was a broken man. He had bruises and cuts all over his body, it was clear that this man had been in some sort of prison. Maven approached the man grabbed him, pulling him upward. Finally, the man was able to stand without falling. 

"Remove his hood." Maven said to one of the men.

As the ships approached Esses, Maven's power grew. Every minute that passed, was a minute that Maven was being filled with a fiery rage. She would soon reveal her true form. 

"Who are you people?" The man said in a muffled tone. 

Maven recognized the voice. It was the voice of her father. He didn't even have to have his hood removed for her to know his voice. She walked away from her father, and closer to the beach. "Tie him to the pole, and tell me when it's time. I wish to savor this moment. My mother will be avenged!"

Maven grasped her ruby pendant, her grip on it was tight. Her once friendly face turned into something morbid and wicked. Quietly, she laughed to herself. She had never thought the day would come when she would be able to murder her own father. She listened to him scream as they tied him to the pole. 

"Maven please!" Bormir shouted.

"Scream louder father. No one can hear you, not here." Maven said, her face still turned towards the ocean. 

"He's all ready Your Grace." One of the men told her.

Maven smiled, then turned around and walked towards her father. She could see that tears were streaming down his face. "Bormir, I have waited for this day." 

"Maven, please! You don't have to do this." Bormir pleaded.

Jareed stood in the back, a small smile grew on his face. He wasn't one for burnings, but this one he knew he would enjoy. After a short while, he approached the pole. In a few minutes he would finally see this detested man burn.

"You have committed crimes against the Realm, your wife, your Queen, and your daughter. The punishment is simple and just. You shall be executed, at the hand of the Dragon Queen. Your death will be long and painful, I can assure you that." Maven said, grabbing a torch from one of the men. "Any words you wish to say before you burn?"

"Gods save you Maven! Gods save you and this damned Kingdom. Let Vandresa, the one true Queen reign over us all!" Bormir shouted.

Maven smiled, "I was hoping you'd say that." She dropped the torch on the pile of dry hay.

"The Gods spit on you Maven! You are an ungodly woman!" Bormir shouted before the fire reached his body.

"The Gods," she paused, "fuck the Gods. Let them watch you burn as your sins are purged from your body. Let them hear tbe screams of one of their most faithful servants." She stood there for a moment, listening to her father scream. "Where are your Gods now?"

The night was filled with the sound of ocean water crashing on the shore, a raging fire, and the screaming of a traitor. 

The End

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