Chapter 25Mature

"Why?" She asked him.

"Because I love you." He replied softly. 

Kyro continued to dream of that one moment, the one moment in time in which he betrayed the one he loved dearly. His body shook violently every time he dreamed of that night, which was only two nights ago. To him, it felt like a year had passed since that dreadful day. Kyro could not get the image out of his head, his body shaking a little more violent now.

Because I love you.

Frantically, Kyro flailed in his bed. Sweat dripped off his body, turning his dry bed to a drenched swimming pool of sweat. Unbeknownst to him, he was screaming, disturbing the other patients. 

"Silence!" A nurse shouted from the other end of the room. 

Kyro continued to scream and flail around. The nurse shook her head and walked over to Kyro, grabbing a stick that was just laying on a table. She then proceeded to whack him with the stick. "I said silence!" 

"I love you Maven." He said quickly before falling back into a deep sleep.


Vandresa looked over at Lilliana, smiling. Vandresa moved slowly, trying not to wake Lilliana. She quickly put her gown back on, then returned to the top deck. Just as she arrived at the top deck, a deck hand frantically ran up to her, pointing towards the ocean. 

"You have a mouth, speak!" Vandresa said, glaring at the deck hand. 

"Ships are on the horizon. Large ships too, larger than ours." He said in a hurry. 

Vandresa grabbed a spyglass and ran towards the back of the ship. Frantically she lifted the spyglass up to her eye and looked through it. She stared in horror as at least ten large ships and barges were sailing right towards them. The ship that was sailing slightly in front of the other nine was a large, ebony colored ship. On the bow of the ship, there was a golden statue of a lady that was barely clothed. The sails were black with a red dragon on it. The symbol of the Dragon Queen.

"No. No! Everyone man your stations!" Vandresa shouted. 

Lilliana rushed up to top deck, trying to find Maven. "What's wrong?"

"Ten ships are sailing for Esses, and more importantly, they'll crash right into us unless we move." Vandresa said with a tone of panic. 

Lilliana took the spyglass from Vandresa and looked through it as well. She just stood there, not being able to comprehend what she was looking at.

"That symbol," she paused, grasping what she saw, "is the symbol of the Dragon Queen." Lilliana said, looking at Vandresa. 

Vandresa shook her head, "But the last Dragon Queen was Esses and that was nearly three hundred years ago. I remember that day fondly. Of course I wasn't there, but it was a monumental day for House Landen. The day my ancestor, Lord Rovan Landen cut the throat of Esses and took the throne for himself." 


The Grand Sage walked quickly, his finger still in the page that had the final prophecy. "Solan! I need to speak with you. This is urgent business." 

Solan slowly opened the door to his chambers, observing the man that stood before him. "Ah, Toran come in! Come in dear friend!" 

The Grand Sage walked in, shutting the door behind him. After sitting down, across from Solan, Toran handed the book over to Solan. "What can you make of this?"

Solan grabbed the book, his arms shaking under the weight of it. When the book neared the table, Solan dropped it on accident. His feeble fingers then opened the book, flipping through the pages just as Toran had done. He felt each page, some how reading the book without actually looking at the words on the page. 

"This is," he stopped for a moment to catch his breath, "very interesting." 

"What is?" Toran asked, leaning in towards the table. 

Solan continued to feel the pages, smiling. "It appears that we have a Dragon Queen amongst us." 

Toran laughed at Solan for a brief moment. "A Dragon Queen? That's impossible. Esses was the last Dragon Queen and she was assassinated three hundred years ago." 

"Two hundred and ninety eight, to be precise." Solan replied, "Anyways, did you not read the prophecy? Did you not know the Queen's demise?" Solan then asked. 

Toran remained silent, then finally spoke. "No. I was unaware that the Queen had actually died." 

Solan leaned towards Toran and smacked him. "Stupid man! Did you not see the fire that burned through the night? Preparations are to be made. She has returned, and you are too ignorant to believe what is right in front of you. Now go! Go and ring the bells!"

Toran nodded at Solan, then took his leave. 

A figure appeared out of the shadows, and it quickly approached Solan. As the man came closer, he pulled out a strange looking dagger. "It is I that will make the preparations!" The man said quickly.

"Huh? Who are you?" Solan said, shaking.

The man looked down and noticed that the old man had urinated himself. "I, am the last face you will ever see."

The man slashed Solan's throat, blood spraying his face. Solan's body collapsed on the floor, and then was drenched in blood. The man quickly turned on his heel and left the chamber.

The End

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