Chapter 24Mature

Maven returned to ruins of her once beautiful Keep. Not all of the Keep was destroyed with the falling of the Tower of the Queen, but it was very unstable and deemed unlivable. She gently pushed the once great door open. Ash and rubble blanketed the floor. She walked slowly through the mess. She looked down at the charred bodies, and then simply looked away. Finally, she arrived at the doors that led into the throne room. She breathed in slowly, for she was not prepared to see whatever was behind those doors. The oaken doors opened slowly, and in front of her was her room. 

"It's a sight, I know." Jareed said, standing behind Maven. 

Maven shook her head and turned around, now looking at the man that called himself Jareed. "I'm sorry, I don't believe we met." 

Jareed laughed. "Oh, but we have your Grace." He walked around a large piece of stone and wood that had fallen.

Maven ignored the man that was approaching her and continued walking towards the ash covered throne. Tears ran down her eyes as she came to the realization that her city was collapsing. She ran her hand across the base of the throne, feeling its hardness. She had spent so many hours in this one room; thinking, planning. Maven lifted her gown and turned herself around, now facing the throne room.

"The Queen has returned." She said, laughing viciously.

Jareed stared in awe as Maven slowly sat back on her throne, ignoring the rest of the ruined Keep. He simply stood there, watching her look at the destruction that had fallen upon Sunspear Keep. Jareed brushed off some of the ash that had fallen on his robe. Even he was captured in the strange beauty that the Keep radiated. Jareed could not recall ever a moment that he had seen anything more beautiful. 

"It can be fixed." Maven said, showing a slight smile. 

Maven didn't really change after being brought back. Just her outside appearance was different. Her normal, somewhat optimistic attitude still lived on within her. 

Maven rose, looking at everything that stood before her. "I wish to go to what remains of the Royal Corridor."

Jareed frowned at her. "Your Grace, the entire Royal Corridor was destroyed when the tower collapsed. Many men died that day, they died trying to save you." 

Maven smiled, "Then they died in a noble cause, now I do believe we should go to the Hall of the Foreseen so the Grand Sage knows that I am alive and well."


Bormir coughed up some blood. He slowly stood up, his leg caused him to fall. Slowly, he crawled over to the gate of his cell, which had been damaged when the tower fell. Bormir noticed that the guard that had once beaten him, lay their dead in his own pool of blood. 

"Deserved it," he coughed some more, "noble bastard." 

Bormir tried standing up again, this time he was in less pain. He pushed on the cell door, and it fell over. Bormir laughed, then coughed even heavier. He was finally free, and he was going to seek revenge on his daughter. Suddenly, he was shocked when the prison began to shake a little. He was running out of time. The barracks where heavily damaged when the tower had fallen. 

Frantically Bormir searched for stairs or a ladder that would lead him out of the prison. Bormir became a sweaty mess as he knew he was losing time, and every second that passed was a second that could cut between life and death. Bormir grabbed everything, feeling it and its texture to see if it was a ladder or a step. 

Without warning, a large piece of stone and wood collapsed, creating a large hole in the ceiling. Light filled in the room and took away the darkness, now making the ladder visible. Bormir climbed up the ladder and just walked out of the barracks, and no guard would notice his disappearance. 


A woman sat in a dark room, only lit by a single candle. On her neck was a large emerald pendant. She had a quill in her right hand and was writing something on a piece of parchment. 

"We will rewrite history." She said to a man that was hidden in darkness.

"Indeed we will." He replied.

The woman rose, only half of her face was visible to the man, and she was ravishing. The woman walked past the man, then stopped and looked at him. 

"But not all of us can help people rewrite history, now can we?" She asked him.

"Well, that's a very difficult question." He replied.

The woman laughed, then pulled out her dagger, cutting the man's throat. "Should have just answered the question."

She walked out of the room swiftly. Preparations needed to be made and she had no time for people to just stand around being incompetent. She walked quickly down the long and dark corridor; she had to get that letter to Kyro before it was too late. 

A man rushed up to her, and he seemed to be in a panic. "M'lady, our men found Kyro by the stables. It appeared that he tried to kill himself last night."

"And he has survived, correct?" She asked, appearing not amused.

"Yes, he will recover. He hasn't woken yet, but the Sages and Scryers have been praying over him since he arrived at the Hall of the Foreseen." The man replied.

"Then there is still hope!" She said quickly before running down the remainder of the corridor.

The End

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