Chapter 23Mature

Rogan looked at the men standing before him. "Who are you?" 

The men laughed for a moment, then stopped when they realized that Rogan was being serious. "We, are the servants of Jareed. Master of the Dragons, and King of the East. We have been sent by Jareed to find you and bring you to him."

Rogan grabbed his sword and pointed it at them, "And how do I know you're not lying?" 

The men looked at each other and sighed. They both pulled up one of their sleeves on their robe. The two men bore a type of branding that was custom to those of the East. Rogan inspected it thoroughly to make sure that this was real, and that these men were actually servants of Jareed. 

"Fine, where is this Jareed person anyways?" Rogan asked, walking closer to the men.

"Jareed should be back on his ship by now. Don't worry. We're your friend and ally, not your enemy." One of the men said to reassure Rogan.

Rogan, not letting go of his sword replied, "And how do I know that?"

"Because if we were, you'd already be dead." The second man replied. 


The Burning Ember sat idle in the ocean, just a few miles of the coast of Esses. Vandresa was now deciding whether she should sail back to King's Point or return to Esses and send a raven baring the information. She tapped her fingers on the railing of the top deck of the ship. She looked back over at Esses, the Keep no longer towered over everything as it once did. 

Lilliana stood next to Vandresa. She was in a thin gown that barely covered any of her body. She smiled at Vandresa. "What's wrong?"

"Lilliana, I am unsure of what to do. Do we sail back for King's Point and lose time, or do we sail back to Esses and bare the consequence." Vandresa said softly. 

Lilliana placed two fingers under Vandresa's chin, lifting it up so that her eyes were looking right at her. "Vandresa, whatever you do," she paused smiling, "it will be the right decision."

Vandresa gave a small smile, then fixing her windblown hair. "Thank you Lilliana. I knew there was a reason I named you Grand Admiral." 

Lilliana smiled, then grabbing Vandresa by her waist. "And I knew there was a reason why I called you my Queen." 

Lilliana slowly kissed Vandresa, moving her hands up and down her back. After the two broke from each other, Lilliana grabbed Vandresa by her hand and pulled her down to the lower decks. 

Vandresa blushed, "I've never... done it with a woman before. What is it like?"

Lilliana smiled, then laughed a little. "It's heaven. I'm sure you will like it."

Vandresa unlaced her gown, pushing it off of her shoulders. Lilliana smiled at her body, then ran her hands up and down Vandresa's waist. Vandresa slowly moved in closer to Lilliana, giving her a short kiss. Lilianna smiled then brushed off the thin and light gown. The two stood before each other, naked. 

"So here we are." Lilliana said, laughing.

Lilliana pushed Vandresa onto the bed, kisssing her. Vandresa wrapped her arms around Lilliana's neck. Lilliana slowly kissing Vandresa, then moved down to her neck. Vandresa tilted her head slightly to the right, giving Lilliana more room. Vandresa now had goosebumps, but oddly enjoyed it. 

"This feel..." she paused, breathing slightly heavier, "amazing."

Lilliana laughed, continuing her journey south. Lilliana slowly kissed Vandresa's abdomen, now sliding her hands up and down her thigh. Vandresa simply smiled and blushed. She wasn't use to this type of affection, especially not from a good friend. Finally Lilliana reached Vandresa's sensitive spot.

"Oh!" She shouted.

Lilliana looked up at her, stopping. "What's wrong?" 

Vandresa laughed, giving her a small kiss on the lips, "Nothing. It's just that it felt good."

Lilliana smiled, then went back down. Vandresa began to curl her toes and threw her arms up. Her breathing became heavier and sweat started to form on her body. 

"More!" She shouted.

Lilliana gave Vandresa what she wanted. Vandresa started to move her legs, she was enjoying this company. Finally Vandresa reached her climax. Lilliana smiled and kissed her once more. "So, did you enjoy that?"

"Yes. I enjoyed it quite a bit actually." Vandresa said, smiling, yet still breathing heavily.

Lilliana said no more, and only wrapped her arms around Vandresa and fell asleep. 


Jareed placed the Queen's dead body on the wooden floor of his ship. He went to each of the seven candles, lighting each one. He then returned to the Queen's body, looking at it, frowning. 

"You were of the dragonsblood. You were Esses' child. Slain by your closest friend and lover." Jareed said silently. 

Jareed shook his head, then walked over to his table and grabbed a book bound in red leather. The book was once used by a powerful warlock, whom Jareed had killed. He opened the book, searching for the chant that would bring the dead back to life. Finding that the chant he was looking for was not in the book, he threw it in rage. 

"None the matter, I will use blood magic." Jareed said tensely. 

Jareed grabbed a dagger and cut his hand, allowing a few drops of blood to fall on the body of Maven. "Ichnad, hear out to thee, I call upon you in dire times, the Queen of Old has fallen and the time has come. Ichnad I have given you my blood to return to us the Dragon Queen. Ichnad! Ichnad! Ichnad!"

A gust of wind blew out the candles. Jareed looked around, shaking slightly. He walked slowly to the back of his chambers on his ship. He heard a noise; footsteps. 

"Maven?" Jareed said quietly.

No answer. The door opened, and he jumped. "Who goes there!?"

"It's us! The men you sent to find the royal children." The taller man replied.

Rogan and Elena walked in first, then the two men. Elena saw her mother's dead body and screamed. 

"What have you done to mother?" She shouted, nearly in tears.

Mother. Maven's head turned, looking right at Elena. The Queen had returned. 

"Gods be..." Jareed said silently, approaching the woman. 

Maven stood before the small group of people, looking at them all. Her black gown turned to cinders, she now stood before the group naked. The men covered Rogan and Elena's eyes. 

"Maven, in the flesh." Jareed said observing her.

In a second, an ember colored gown molded itself to the Queen, with bronze wings on the shoulders of the gown. Maven's eyes went from their original ocean blue, to a deep red. Her skin, a once beautiful colored skin was now pale. Lastly, her beautiful blonde hair had turned to a deep black. 

"Queen Maven... of the Vale and the Southern Kingdoms" Jareed said smiling.

"Has returned." She replied before taking her leave.

The End

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