Chapter 22Mature

The large ebony doors of the Sepulcher of Ichnad swung open and all the men and women inside turned. Kyro walked in slowly, with a look of malice on his face. He had not returned to the Sepulcher the moment he had killed the Queen, he could not bare it. Instead he went out and drank heavily at the Royal Stein. It was only after hours of heavy drinking that he decided to return. 

"The Queen," he paused, trying to balance himself, "is dead!" 

The men and women inside cheered. It had finally been accomplished. Queen Maven Landen had been assassinated and the dawn of the new age was finally at hand. The people inside the Sepulcher began moving frantically. Preparations had to be made for the new Queen to take her throne; Queen Evanora Emberdrop, the mother of King Jonathan the Fair. 

People swarmed around Kyro, congratulating him on his wonderful work. To them, he was a hero, but to himself, he was a traitor that killed the only woman he had ever loved, and for what? Nothing. Kyro knew that killing the Queen would result in something awful happening to the realm, but he lied to himself saying that he was doing the right thing, ridding the Landens of the throne. 

"Ladies and gentlemen, I ask that you leave me for a moment so that I may rest in my chambers. Continue working on the preparations for the new Queen. I will rejoin you all at a later time." Kyro said, then shutting his chamber doors.

Kyro walked over to his bed and sat on it. He knew that Evanora couldn't be the Queen yet. Elena, Rogan, and Thomas still remained. Kyro shook his head, then broke down. He had just killed their mother, their only lasting hope. Kyro rose again, then walked over to his windowsill. He looked down, beneath him was the stables. He breathed slowly, anticipation biting his ankle. This was it, he thought. 

"Forgive me Maven." Kyro said quietly. 

He looked down one last time, then flung himself out of his window. 


Rogan motioned for his sister to come towards him. "It's safe now, I promise." 

Elena walked quietly towards him. Rogan then shielded her from the sight of the two dead men and the other dead body. Rogan, at first did not know who's corpse that was until he took a longer, more observed look at the body. He just shook his head and moved his sister away from the nasty sight. 

"What's wrong brother?" Elena asked, noticing that something was wrong with her brother.

"Nothing. Everything is fine Elena." Rogan said, trying to hide his pain.

Rogan continued to push Elena away from the dead bodies. Finally, they were far enough away that he no longer had to shield her. Rogan looked around for the staircase that would lead out of the first cellar and back into the kitchen. In the meantime, he tried to get the awful image of his dead brother out of his mind. 

"We left him alone," he paused, "just to find mother. Then a part of the Keep collapsed, now this." Rogan said quietly, making sure Elena didn't hear him. 

Rogan finally found the staircase, but standing before them were four men in black robes, and their faces hidden by cowls. "We've been waiting for you." 


The Grand Sage pondered on what Jareed had said. "The Dragon Queen will reign again." Kept running through his mind. It was impossible. The era of the Dragon Queen had ended the people of Esses rebelled against the final Dragon Queen. The Grand Sage sat back down in his chair and pondered on all the events that were happening in Esses. 

"You may find this interesting, Sire." Loran said, sitting a book on the Grand Sage's table. 

"What is this?" The Grand Sage asked.

"Just read." Loran said, taking his leave. 

The Grand Sage leaned in closer to his table, opening the book which was titled, The Reign of Esses. "Loran, what am I to make of this?" He asked, but Loran had already disappeared.

The Grand Sage observed the book, then finally decided to read it. Slowly turning each page, the Grand Sage still did not know what to make of this book. He simply shook his head and kept on reading, until it dawned on him that this was the history of the final Dragon Queen, Esses of the Vale. 

"A day will come when Sunspear will burn, and the Queen shall fall. Chaos will reign over you all until the day comes when a woman of blonde hair and blue eyes take the throne. They will rebel against the throne, and take what is theirs. Queen Esses shall be betrayed by her closest ally. He will cut her throat when she is most vulnerable, then he will burn the body. But fear not! The dawn will come and a new age will rise, but the Dragon Queen will never die. Her enemies should fear her wrath, for when she returns, all shall burn!" The Grand Sage closed the book, then pondered on the last few sentences. 

The Grand Sage picked up the book and left his chambers. He needed to get to the Master Solan, the only person that still lived from the Era of Esses.

The End

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