Chapter 21Mature

"Brother, what has happened to mother?" Elena asked softly.

"Elena, you need not worry yet. I am sure our mother is fine, she is a fighter." Rogan replied, attempting to reassure Elena.

Rogan and Elena sat quietly in the first cellar of the Keep. They were promised that someone would find them and lead them to safety, but that never happened. Rogan just sat there, listening to the water drip, and the sound of burning torches. Rogan knew that their mother had died, he heard the bells ring. He looked over at Elena for a moment, then kissed her forehead. "Everything will be fine, dear sister." 

Rogan stood up for a moment, so his body wouldn't cramp up. He looked around, the cellar was still empty, except for him and his sister. For a moment, he thought they were alone, until he heard footsteps. 

"Brother, what is that sound?" Elena asked quietly.

Rogan rushed over to his sister and helped her up. "Sister, I want you to hide behind those crates over there. Go, now!" He said tensely, yet in a hushed voice.

Elena did exactly as he said. After Rogan could no longer see his sister, he unsheathed his sword that his father had given him on his thirteenth name day. Rogan began to sweat. He breathed in slowly, almost silently so whatever was out there could not hear him. Soon, the shadow of whatever was out there was visible. Rogan hid behind a barrel, waiting for whatever was out there to appear. 

"Damn, where is this altar you speak of?" A man said in a dark tone. 

"It should be around here," the other man paused, looking in the direction of Rogan, "well, well. What do we have here?" 

Rogan tensed up as the two men approached him. He slid farther from the corner, hoping to disappear in the shadows. The footsteps grew louder and louder. Soon, the only thing Rogan could hear was his heartbeat and the footsteps. He quickly wiped the sweat from his brow. Louder and louder, the two men grew closer on him like an animal hunting its prey. Rogan felt the hilt of his sword in his hand, and tightened his grip on it. 

"What are you looking for?" The first man asked. 

"Silence you fool! I saw a kid." The second man replied.

The two men turned the corner, and Rogan's heart began to beat faster and faster. The figures of the men began more prominent. He could see the shadowy faces of the two men. In a moment of panic, Rogan swung his sword. Once, twice, three times. He clenched his eyes shut while doing so. When he opened his eyes he saw two dead men, with their entrails laying on the floor. 


Jareed returned to ruins of the Tower of the Queen. He quickly walked back over to the corpse of Queen Maven. Jareed quickly observed, making sure no guards were around, then picked up her body. 

"The Dragon Queen will reign again." He said to himself.

The End

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