Chapter 20Mature

"Grand Sage, Jareed from the east has arrived." Lokar said. 

"Bring him in." The Grand Sage replied. 

The massive doors to the Hall of the Foreseen opened, and the tall dark man walked in swiftly. He bowed in front of the Grand Sage and then removed his hood. Following behind Jareed were three men with chests. The three men walked around him, then put the chests on the floor in front of the Grand Sage.

"We come bearing gifts, from your allies in the east." The shorter of the three men said, then bowing.

The Grand Sage stood up, then looked down at the chests. For a moment, the Grand Sage smiled, his wrinkles barely visible from behind his hood. Then his face turned into a look of despair. He remained silent for a moment, then he spoke quietly. "We thank you for these gifts, but I am afraid to inform you that last night the Queen disappeared. We believe that she is dead."

Jareed walked forward, closer to the Grand Sage. "Surely your Queen is alright. In due time, you will find yourself with a new Queen. A Queen filled with power and fiery passion that will lead her country to victory." Jareed then bowed and walked back. 

The Grand Sage for a moment pondered on that prophecy that Jareed had stated. The Grand Sage then walked forward towards the three chests. "May we open them?" He asked.

Jareed motioned for the three men to unlock the chests so the Grand Sage could see what was inside. The three men all took out their keys, three different keys for three different locks. The men unlocked the chests, each bearing a different gift.

The Grand Sage looked at all three gifts with awe. "A sword, a pendant, and..." The Grand Sage paused, staring at was in the final chest, "dragon eggs?" The Grand Sage moved closer to the eggs, he then knelt down and felt them. They were rough and jagged, yet they were beautiful.

"These four eggs come from the last Dragon Queen. Queen Esses of the Vale." Jareed said.

"Queen Esses, as in the Queen Esses?" The Grand Sage asked. 

"There was only one Queen Esses." Jareed said, sighing afterwords.

"Oh yes, right. So sorry for the confusion. We haven't heard much about dragons and Dragon Queens these days." The Grand Sage said, sounding apologetic.

Jareed looked straight at the Grand Sage, and for a moment, it appeared that his eyes had turned into the color of dragonflame. "Let me assure you that the Dragon Queen will rise again." 

Jareed and his companions left the Hall of the Foreseen, and the Grand Sage just stood there; silent.

The End

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