Chapter 18Mature

Maven looked out of her window, observing her city. The smoldering harbor in the south, the market center to the east, and finally, the Hall of the Foreseen. A large gust of wind blew in from the south and sent a chill down Maven's back. Maven looked up at the moon, she was crying. 

"I have failed my people. What will they think of me? I have let an assassin get away, and now I lead my people to war with my own House." Maven walked over to her bed. 

Maven sat there, trying to figure out this mess that had been created by her niece. She also had the issue with her father that she had to now deal with as well. She only sat for a little while, the thought of being idle bothered her. As she rose, her black gown fell to the floor, cloaking it in darkness. Her blonde hair no longer rested peacefully on her shoulder, it was now disheveled, not even in a bun. 

Maven's face was now pale and looked as if death had touched her. Her eyes looked dark and hollow, she looked as if she had aged forty years in just two days. Maven rose, and her body felt weak. Just as she rose, she heard a knock at her door. 

"Come in." She said softly.

Kyro rushed in, shutting her door quickly, and in a panic. "Maven, you have to leave. Now!" 

Maven turned around, looking at Kyro, with a look of worry on her face. "Why?" She asked softly. 

Kyro walked over to her quickly and gave her a long and passionate kiss. "They're after you."

"No..." Maven gasped. "They can't be, no." 

Kyro looked down at the stone floor and remained silent. After awhile, he looked up at her again, and for a second time gave her a passionate kiss. Maven wrapped her arms around Kyro's waist and pulled him in closer. She breathed in heavily, lifting her head up. Kyro gently kissed her neck and continued his way down. Maven unlaced her gown and let it gently fall from her shoulder. She stood before Kyro, bare and vulnerable. 

"You look," he paused, "ravishing."

Maven laughed for a moment. "Really? All this rumor of war and stress that is upon me has made me appear to age rapidly."

Maven turned for a brief moment to walk over to her window to make sure that no one was watching. She smiled for only a second, when her neck felt the cold steel. "Why Kyro?"

"Because I loved you." He said silently.

It was over within a second. The bite was painless, but the blood was warm. It ran down her body like a rushing river. Her body collapsed on the floor. Her reign had ended. The Southern Kingdoms found themselves without King or Queen. 

"It's time for the new age to begin." Kyro said tensely.

As Kyro exited the late Queen's chamber, he knocked a candle over which set the drapes a flame. Flames engulfed the Tower of the Queen, and the Queen with it.

The End

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