Chapter 15Mature

When Maven came to, she found herself in her chambers, laying on her bed. Slowly opening her eyes, she looked around the room. Something to her looked different, but she couldn't tell. She shook her head and then sat upright. The door to her chambers opened slowly, turning around, she saw her brother Tywin. 

"Tywin." Maven said, realizing that her throat was coarse.

Tywin gave a small smile and walked over to his sister, "Maven, do you know how long you've been asleep?"

Maven shrugged her shoulders, "No, not really."

Tywin laughed before proceeding, "Maven, you've been asleep for two and a half days. Every day we came in, hoping to see that you would have awoken, but every day was the same thing. Maven, her funeral is on the morrow." 

Maven slowly limped over to her table and poured herself a goblet of wine, taking a sip to wet her throat. "Do we know who killed her yet?" Maven looked at her brother with a look of desperation on her face.

Tywin's beaming smile turned into a sorrowful frown, "No, not yet. But the guards say that there are only four people in the entire Southern Kingdoms that have a crossbow that can do that much damage." 

Maven turned quickly around, dropping her goblet. "And one of them is..."

Tywin nodded his head. "Indeed, and one of them is father."


Vandresa sat in an old wooden chair as one of her servants laced up her gown. Her and Lilliana were now simply waiting. The Kingdom was beginning to feel the weight of her enemies, and soon the right time would come. 

"I want to visit my aunt," Vandresa said as she stood up, "do you think they'll let me in? I mean, they don't realize I'm a threat, do they?"

Lilliana laughed as she restrung her bow. "Vandresa, you are the Queen. Of course they'll let you in."

Vandresa smiled a little bit. "Yes... I am the Queen," then Vandresa frowned, "not yet though."

Lilliana stood up, handing her restrung bow to one of the men. "Put this back on my rack, and if you damage it, I will cut your throat." Lilliana turned to Vandresa, "Vandresa, darling, soon the battle will happen and you will sit upon that throne as you should be. Maven is a traitor Queen that stole the throne from your father. Don't fret. Within a fortnight, you will ascend to Queendom."

Vandresa smiled at the thought. "Yes, Queen Vandresa Landen, Keeper of the Peace and Protector of the Realm. I like it, and when I like something, I just have to have it." She grinned wickedly.


The larges doors shut to the throne room, and in front of Bormir was the High Council. Bormir bowed, the proceeded to walk forward. "I trust that you have good reason for calling me here. I have heard that my daughter has awoken and I wish to see her."

"Good morning, father." Maven said as she turned around.

"Thank the Gods that it's true. You truly are awake." Bormir smiled, he then start to walk towards Maven.

"Yes, thank the Gods. But my well being can't be said for others, can it?" Maven looked directly at her father.

Bormir looked around, the High Council were all staring at him. "Maven, what are you talking about?" 

Maven laughed as she walked down the steps, leading from the throne. "Father, I'm talking about the death of my mother, your wife." 

Bormir started to walk backwards, slowly, almost unnoticeable to everyone, but the Queen. "Maven, your mother was murdered by an assassin. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Lyos. He always used your mother, and you know it. He was no friend of the Landens."

Maven laughed some more. "You amuse my father, you see, my guards found Lyos dead in his room. He had a crossbow bolt right through his neck." 

"Maven, I did not murder your mother or Lyos. I swear it to you as the Gods and man are my witness!" Bormir started to weep.

Maven stopped right in front of her father. "Father, only four crossbows can use that much force to imbed almost the entire bolt into the victim. There is only one in Esses. That one crossbow, belongs to you. Guards, take him down to  the dungeons. He will await the Queen's justice." 

Bormir broke down and fell to his knees, weeping and pleading his daughter's forgiveness. "Maven, please!"

Maven looked away. "Get him out of my sight!"

As the guards were pulling Bormir up, the doors opened and a man stood in front of them. "Queen Maven, you have a visitor."

Maven turned around, one hand was placed on her ruby necklace, her hand clenched it. "Who is it? Who calls upon the Queen this early in the day?"

Vandresa stepped in front of the man and smiled. "Hello my dearest aunt."

Maven's face turned into a snarl and she clenched her necklace even harder. "Vandresa..."

The End

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