Chapter 14Mature

The winds blew and Lya listened to the leaves rustle and the birds singing their songs while she sipped on a goblet of wine. Lya stood up and walked over to her window that overlooked the courtyard and she stood there, watching. Maven was down in the courtyard with some man, and Lya grew curious. She tapped her fingers on the ledge of her window and then turned around and left her chambers. Lya walked down a long corridor and stopped at the last door on the left, she knocked. 

"Lyos, I know you're in there. It's me, the Queen mother." 

"Lya, what do you want of me?" 

"I have a job for you Lyos, it's an offer you can't refuse." Lya grinned.

Lyos opened his door and motioned for Lya to come in. Once she was in, he shut the door and locked it. "What is this contract?"

"I want you to spy on my daughter. She's been with some man lately and I want you to figure out who this man is. I will pay a great amount, and there will be a bonus if you can bring me information about how the King happened to die." Lya smiled.

"Spying on the Queen? Lya, you better be paying a huge sum for this. But first, tell me, why do you want to know how the King died?" Lyos asked.

Lya grinned wickedly. "Because, if the truth is what I think it is, the crown will better suit me, than her."

Lyos laughed. "But in any fact, you will be paying a huge sum won't you?

"Don't worry, I am. Now, do you accept?" Lya asked.


Lya left Lyos' chambers and walked back down the hall, but unbeknownst to her, someone was watching her.


Maven and Kyro walked through the courtyard, smelling the flowers and listening to the birds. Maven looked over at Kyro and smiled at him. "Why did you call upon me anyways Kyro?" 

Kyro smiled, "Well, you must be lonely now with your husband's... accident and I was hoping maybe you'd want a partner."

Maven laughed. "Kyro, I love you, that is no lie, but I think we should wait for a while. Gods know my father will have me betrothed to some high lord no doubt. For now, we must continue seeing each other in secrecy. People might grow suspicious." 


"My son is dead?" A lady cloaked in green asked.

"Yes m'lady. King Jonathan, your son, has died." a man replied.

Lady Evannora throw her goblet at the wall. "How did this happen? We had a grasp on the throne and now it's gone!"

"Lady Evannora, I know you're very distraught about this, but I assure you that he died of a natural death." the man said, trying to calm her down.

Evannora turned around, her face as red as the sun. "No... that bitch wife of his killed him! I know it, a mother knows!" 

"Evannora, enough!" a man shouted.

"Rogvir, don't you care that your son is dead?" Evannora glared at him.

"We betrothed our son to the royal family, it is the price we must pay for power. Evannora, if you ever want even a glimpse of seeing that throne, you will continue paying your dues. Power isn't free Evannora, and you'd be a fool to think it." 


Bormir's armor clashed as he stormed down the royal corridor. His face was bright red and he had the biggest scowl on his face. When he got to his chambers, he kicked the door in. 

"Ah!" Lya jumped from her bed.

Bormir walked closer to his wife. "Lya, who is this man that you were seeing today?" 

Lya stood up and walked over to her husband and ran her hands down his shoulders, feeling his arms. "Bormir, what I did, I did for the good of the realm. You must trust me."

Bormir looked at Lya with a confused expression. "What did you do Lya?" Bormir began to tense up.

Lya kissed Bormir gently on the cheek. "Bormir, I'm not seeing another man, I would never break my oath. You see Bormir, something is happening, and this is something we must stop before rumors begin to spread."

Bormir pushed his wife away. "Lya, what did you do?"

Lya stumbled backwards, but quickly regained her footing. "Bormir, our daughter is seeing some man. I simply wanted to find out who is his and what his business is with our daughter." 

Bormir smacked his wife. "You lie!"

Lya fell down and crawled towards the wall. "I tell you the truth Bormir, I would never lie to my husband!" 

Bormir laughed, then snarled. "That's not the only reason you sought out Lyos, is it Lya?"

Lya started to stand up. "I don't know what you mean Bormir. I sought him out to find out who our daughter was seeing. Nothing more and nothing less."

Bormir grabbed Lya by her hair and threw her onto their bed. "You wanted to expose our daughter Lya! You wanted to know that she did in fact kill her husband. Then you were going to expose her and then take the crown for yourself!" 

Lya gasped. "You... you spied on me didn't you? That is how you know I..." Lya turned frantically searching for a dagger. 

Bormir laughed as he pulled out his crossbow. "Lya, it will all be over soon. You've confessed your crimes and now you will pay the price."

Lya turned around, looking directly at her husband. She reached her arms out, and Bormir drew closer. Lya slowly kissed Bormir, but Bormir never once put down his crossbow.

"Lya, you know I would never hurt you." Bormir smiled as he ran his hand through her hair.

Lya felt a pinch, then felt some sort of warm liquid seep through her gown. She looked down at her gown, then screamed.


Her scream was heard all throughout the Keep, and within minutes Bormir had dissappeared, making it look like he had nothing to do with any of it. People gathered around a bloodied bed, and on it was the cold, bloody body of Lya Landen, the Queen mother. Multiple crossbow bolts were imbedded into her skin, and the fatal shot in the head. 

Maven walked in and screamed. Tears ran down her face as she stormed for her mother's body, but the guards held her back. Maven pushed through them anyways and held her mother in her arms, crying. 

"Your grace, you'll ruin your dress." 

Maven ignored the comment and cradled her mother in her arms, rocking back and forth. Eventually the guards pulled Maven off of her mother's body and Maven stumbled backwards and crashed into the wall, she just sunk down and cried. Her dress by now was ripped and bloodied, then, she only saw darkness.

The End

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