Chapter 13Mature

"When the Lady devours her sins, only then will the time come for the cleansing. At a point she will come between a tough decision; to love or to let go. She shall, in the end, do what she believes is right for her children, but it will not be easy. Family will fall and rise, and castles shall crumble beneath the weight of her will. Should she fail, darkness will forever cover the lands. On the twenty third day in the month of Quinta, at the sixth hour of the morning, fire will rage and a dynasty will end in the name of the God of War; Gordran." The Scryer closed the book and turned to Maven. "Do you understand the meaning of the this?"

Maven closed her eyes and breathed in heavily. "Sadly, I do."

"You shouldn't fret though, these things don't always end the way they're written. This is what will happen if you choose to sit idle. Your husband is dead and your niece sails for Esses as we speak. Maven, today is the ninteenth day of the month of Quinta. You have four days until this prophecy happens. Maven, I know you will do what you must for the Queendom. I shall be taking my leave now, Your Grace." The Scryer rose from the highback chair and left Maven's chambers. 

After the wooden door was shut, Maven rose and walked over to look out her window. The sun was slowly rising over the ocean and Sunspear casted a large shadow over the Garden District. Tears slowly began to fall from Maven's eyes as she gripped the windowsill. 

"I'll be damned if the Southern Kingdoms fall to that bitch." 


"It's impossible! I will not allow this to happen. I will sacrifice myself before I allow my daughter to put herself out into battle." Bormir shouted in rage.

"Lord Landen, sit down!" Regal said in a snarly tone.

"Regal, be quiet, I understand Bormir's anger. Anyways, Lord Landen, I understand that asking the Queen to go out into battle with her men is a big step, but I sense that's not the reason you're angered. Lord Landen, I understand that this is your only daughter, but she took the vow and the oath when she was crowned Queen of the Southern Kingdoms. Bormir, I speak to you now as a friend and not as the spokesmen of the High Council. Bormir, your daughter will die." Lord Rayen spoke mournfully.

"Edmure, what do you mean she will die?" Bormir said, he was beginning to shake.

"Should your daughter not fulfill her duties as Queen, she will be sentenced to death." Lord Rayen said.


"Bring me my son." Maven said to one of her handmaidens.

The handmaiden left swiftly to call upon Prince Rogan. Maven then unlaced her dress and let it fall to the floor, leaving her body bare and vulnerable to the elements. Maven walked over to a glass wardrobe and stared at it. Inside sat her armor and her bow. The Royal Armorer had forged it for her and gave it to her as a gift five years ago on her coronation. Maven slipped on a white silk undershit and then grabbed the key and unlocked the glass wardrobe. Maven slowly put on the armor and then shut the wardrobe.

"Mother, you called for me?" Rogan asked.

Maven turned her head and looked at her son, smiling. "Yes Rogan. We need to have a rather serious talk."

Rogan put his head down and asked softly, "Is it about father?"

Maven's face became more sullen. "Yes Rogan, it is about father, but it's more of an important matter for you."

"What do you mean?" Rogan asked.

"Rogan, you are now the next in line for the crown. You will be crowned King of the Southern Kingdoms soon." Maven said, she motioned for Rogan to come closer.

"But what about you?" Rogan asked.

"Rogan, I will remain Queen until you are sixteen, after that you will marry and she will be crowned Queen. I will always oversee everything though because Rogan, I am your mother first, your Queen second." Maven said smiling. 

"But who am I to marry?" Rogan asked, he came closer to his mother.

"The High Council and I will make that final decision at a later time." Maven replied.

"Will I like her? Will she like me? I just don't know if I'm ready to become a King." Rogan said in a hushed tone.

"Rogan, you are of Landen blood. You will rule with the utmost honor. Now run along, I have royal business to tend to." Maven said, giving Rogan a comforting hug.

The End

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