Chapter 11Mature

"Where did we go wrong?" Maven asked her handmaiden.

"Maven, he made that promise to you twenty years ago when you were both thirteen, you were both foolishly in love, unaware of the actual struggles of life." Helena replied, pouring Maven a goblet of wine.

The sun was just beginning to rise and break through the clouds from last night's storms. Maven ran her fingers through her long, golden blonde hair. "Foolishly in love we were..." She sighed, then took the goblet from Helena. "Helena, I think it's time for me to get around, I'm about to have an exceedingly busy day." 

Helena left the Queen's chambers swiftly. Maven broke down and fell to her knees and began to cry. She cried out to the Gods for mercy and forgiveness and she cried out to the Southern Kingdoms for murdering her King. 

"No, no. I should not be acting like this. I am the mother of my people. I am the Queen of the Southern Kingdoms. The Queen that will unite the Queendom and bring us to victory!" 

Maven called in her handmaidens once more to help her get around. After placing the extravagent blood red gown on her, they then attached a golden breastplate to her gown. 

"My Gods, you look like you're about to fight a battle." Cyca said, giving a small laugh.

"A battle? Yes. I am about to fight one of the greatest battles I have ever seen." Maven looked at Cyca and gave her a small smile. "But no worries dear, this is an interal battle."


The Burning Ember had docked in Everspear Port, the royal port of Esses. Vandresa arrived on the top deck shortly after her ship had docked. The guards greeted her, then gave her a royal escort to the Keep. Below the deck of the Burning Ember, Vandresa's men began to put on their armor; armor that was replicated to look exactly like the armor of the Royal Guards. Lilliana on the other hand, took the time to restring her bow.

"Welcome back to Esses, Lady Vandresa." One of the guards said.

"Thank you. It still looks as beautiful as it was when I was here for my aunt's wedding." Vandresa said, smiling at the guard. 

The golden gates of Sunspear opened, Vandresa had finally arrived. "Thank you, I can find my way from here." Vandresa said.

Sunspear Keep was bustling as people were preparing it for the King's funeral, then for Rogan's crowning ceremony. In a matter of seconds, all the people stopped and stared up at the top of the royal staircase in silence. 

"Maven..." Vandresa said softly, she felt the hilt of her dagger and she gripped it.

The End

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