Chapter 10Mature

The Burning Ember cut through the still water, sailing for Esses. The wind was in full force, and Vandresa was pleased. She would arrive at Esses in a matter of hours if the wind and weather continued to cooperate. Vandresa emerged from one of the lower decks to the upper deck, her hair flowing in the wind, she walked towards the bow of her ship. Lightning flashed and thunder crashed, and the rain began to pour again. Off in the far distance, she could see the faint glowing flames that lit Esses. She was close now.

"We're close, your majesty." the woman said.

Vandresa looked over her shoulder at the woman and smiled. "Indeed we are. Soon my aunt and I our final confrontation, and it will end with a new Queen." 

"Aren't you worried about the Royal Army? The Army your aunt is in complete control of. Do you think they'll let you waltz right in and take the throne?" The woman with the cowl asked.

Vandresa turned quick, her face now red. "Lilliana, do you think I'm daft? I have been planning this for quite some time. I have been to Esses before, they'll think me not an enemy, but as a friend. It is when I give the signal, that you will strike." She grinned wickedly.


Maven woke up suddenly in a panic and in a sweat. She was having the recurring dream of what had happened just hours ago. No matter how hard she tried, she could not get it out of her head. Just then, she heard the bells chime. 

Maven gasped, putting her hand to her mouth. "The chimes mean two things; the death of a Monarch or enemies are approaching." She said softly.

The King was dead and they had found his body. 


It was a sunny day, the flowers were blooming and Apple Blossom petals were drifting through the wind. Maven and Jonathan sat under a large willow tree, smiling and laughing.

"You're to be Queen one day." Jonathan said laughing.

"And you to be King." Maven said smiling.

Jonathan kissed Maven's cheek lightly before standing up, extending his hand to help her up. "We're to be married you know." He blushed at the thought.

Maven giggled a little and then took his hand. "Thank you, my prince." 

"Jonathan, will you promise me something?" Maven asked.

"Of course, anything for a my princess." Jonathan said smiling, looking into her green eyes.

"Promise me, that years from now we will be happily wed with children, and we will rule with justice and honor. Promise me that we will always be happy together, no matter what." Maven said, stilling holding Jonathan's hand.

"I promise." 

The two, hand in hand started to walk back to Sunspear Keep, which loomed over them like some sort of maternal figure, watching their every move. 

"I love you, you know." Jonathan said to Maven, he was blushing a little.

Maven smiled, "I know Jonathan, and I love you as well." She gave him a quick kiss.

The End

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