Chapter 9Mature

The drums beat in unison as Vandresa Landen sailed towards the Port of Esses. The rain beat down upon her massive ship and the waves rocked it back and forth, but yet her ship cut through the waves still. Vandresa's navy was one of the greatest that any kingdom had ever seen in the history of the Southern Kingdoms. 

Vandresa was sailing towards Esses for one reason, and one reason only; to overthrow her aunt and take the throne for herself. Vandresa had always believed that it should be her sitting upon the throne, and not her aunt. She claimed that her aunt was a greedy and vicious woman that was not fit to be a Queen. Though from the same House, it was always a dream of Vandresa's to take the throne for herself, she had let jealousy get to her. 

"I take it you've made your decision?" A lady in a black cowl said.

"Indeed. I will name you Admiral of the Landen Fleet, as long as I am Queen within a fortnight. Understood?" Vandresa said, looking up from her desk.

"Yes, my Queen." The woman in the black cowl said.


Maven retreated to her bedchambers after the feast had ended. Her face had already begin to swell from where Jonathan had hit her. She rushed over to her window and thrusted her bosom out of the window. Half of her body was hanging far over the window, she was ready to end it all. She started to allow herself to go, until her door opened. 

"Maven!" Jonathan shouted.

"Stand back Jonathan, I'll do it. I'll throw myself from my window and all of the Kingdom will believe you killed me." Maven cried.

"Maven, I didn't mean to hit you tonight. It's just after the war I have these short bursts of anger. You must understand that Maven. We're both under duress right now. We'll be better soon, I promise." Jonathan said. "Now please, pull yourself back inside."

As Maven pulled herself back in, Jonathan grabbed her firmly and threw her against the wall. "You stupid bitch! Did you really think that either of us could change? Did you really?" 

Maven, dazed, reached inside her dress feeling around for her dagger. 

"Your a pitiful Queen, Maven. You know that? Your father should be ashamed of you. The throne should have went to your niece, you know that? But I guess with one quick slash of my sword, that can all be taken care of." Jonathan paused a moment, grabbing the hilt of his sword. "I always loved her more, did you know that? Oh yes, on the night of our wedding, after we had finished the bedding ceremony, I went to her chambers and fucked her, right under your nose. Hell, I fucked her every night she was here." 

Maven now had a tight grip on her dagger, she was now trying to regain balance. Jonathan had now drawn his sword, pointing it right at Maven's bosom.

"Don't worry Maven, this will all be over with soon. But I can't kill you without having you one last time." Jonathan smiled slyly at her.

Jonathan dropped his sword and began to undo his breeches. He grabbed Maven by the ankles, dragging her to her bed. Maven was kicking and screaming as loud as she could, but no one could hear her. Maven's chambers were at the highest point of Sunspear Keep.

"Gods Maven, it's only your husband. Now shut up and be a good little whore Queen." Jonathan said softly as he put himself in her.

Maven laid there, helpless. She had lost all feeling in her body, her grip on the dagger loosened a little.

"There you go Maven, just allow it to happen. It'll all be over soon." Jonathan said as he kissed her neck. 

As Jonathan went to pull his head from her neck, she thrusted the dagger into him.

"Bitch!" Jonathan said as he stumbled backwards.

"I am not your Queen. I am not your wife. I am your undoing!" Maven said with spite.

Jonathan continued to stumble backwards, as Maven, who had now regained her footing, though still unstable, drew closer to him.

"My dear beloved, you were such a fool. Thinking all those years that you actually ruled over me. Well you don't, and now, you're reign has ended. Long live the Queen! Long live the Queendom!" Maven said as she ripped the dagger out of Jonathan's chest.

Jonathan reached out his hand to Maven, in some sort of forgiving manner. 

"Maven, I have made so many mistakes. Please, for the love of the Gods, forgive me Maven!" Jonathan said in a plea for his life.

"Fuck the Gods." Maven said as she thrusted the knife into Jonathan over and over.

Jonathan screamed louder and louder each time Maven thrusted the dagger into his abdomen. Finally, she thrusted the dagger into his neck and he fell so far back, that he fell from her window. 

Maven looked out her window, shaking her head. "A fool you were, and no one will ever find you." She collapsed.

The End

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