Chapter 8Mature

Rain crashed against the stone walls of Sunspear Keep. The normally tan colored walls were now a muddy brown color. A woman cloaked in black was walking along one of the many walls of the Keep, she seemed to be looking for something or someone. She had an entourage around her, keeping her for the most part, dry. A mysterious man appeared out of the darkness. He bowed in front of her. The lady nodded at him.

"The time has come, the time to end the Landen era. The Keep will be empty after this feast, as the Queen and her royal family will be departing for the Highlands on the morrow. It is of the essence that we strike soon." The man in black stated.

The woman grinned at the man. "You speak the truth, but yet, it is illogical to strike so soon. We haven't a plan yet. We must wait until the royal family returns from the Highlands, then we strike."            

"As it is understandable where you are coming from, we must attack now. Time is of the essence, I now take it though that you haven't heard the troubling news?" The man said looking troubled.

"News? What news?" The woman said looking at the man.

"Vandresa Landen is coming from King's Point to visit her beloved sister. In case you haven't been with the times these past few months, you would know that next to the Queen, Vandresa Landen is the second most powerful Landen in the Southern Kingdoms." The man said looking troubled.

"Well, if it is true that Vandresa Landen is returning, then we should hold off on our attack, it's only logical." The woman said beginning to turn on her heel.

"Are you serious? Hold off an attack that will alter history? The time is now! We attack now!"

"Not now, later." The woman said, finalizing her opinon on the matter.

The man frowned at the woman, his hand now moving towards something on his waist. The woman tilted her head, looking at the man questionably.

"I'm sorry it must come to this, but as long as you are our leader, nothing will be accomplished." The man said, glaring at the woman.

The woman looked at the man in fear. She watched helplessly as he grabbed his dagger and plunged it into her. She was so overcome by the shock and the andreniline that was running through her body that she couldn't even scream. Standing there, she felt the dagger that was now imbedded into her body. She looked up at the man that stood before her. "Why?" was all she could muster out of her throat.

"Because, the Landen era will not be ruined by you," the man looked away from the lady he had just previously stabbed, "and because I am in love with Queen Maven Landen."

The woman in black looked at him, "What? Kyro, you dare fall in love with the Queen? You trai-" she coughed up blood.

Kyro looked at her with dissappointment, "Revania, you truly know nothing of my love for her. The end of the Landen era will be my doing."

Kyro ripped the dagger out of Revania, bringing her down to her knees. She looked up at Kyro, with a look of dispair. Kyro lifted his dagger over his head, then plunging it into her heart. Revania gave a short gasp, then closed her eyes; dead. Kyro turned on his heel, leaving Revania for the crows.

Her body laid limp on the stone walkway, the rain washing the blood out of the cracks of the walkway. Her body was so perfectly innate, the rain had washed off all her makeup and in death, she was released from her pain and hatred for the Landens. 

"In death, comes life." A mysterious voice said in the shadows of Sunspear Keep.          

The End

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