Chapter 6Mature

Maven picked up the bottom of the dress so it wouldn't drag on the ground. "I'm all ready Helena."

The trumpets blasted and the Crier announced the arrival of their majesties. 

The Queen walked down the main staircase in Sunspear Keep, all eyes were on her. She smiled and waved at all the people in the Keep, even catching a few blown kisses. Her husband, on the other hand looked angry. This feast was supposed to be in his name, yet everyone was cheering for her grace; not his grace. One man threw a sun-touched rose at Maven. Noticing that her husband was displeased with how everyone was acting, she quickly gave it to her husband, trying to calm his mood. 

"I don't see why they're all cheering for you." Jonathan said in a sharp tone. "It's not like you fought the battle at the Crest. Gods, do they not realize how dangerous the Crest is? With the terrible weather and unpredictable water."

Maven sighed and looked at Jonathan. "Be glad you're getting this feast. Most knights would die for a feast in their name. And anyways, I'm their Queen. I am of Landen blood. You should remember that Jonathan." Maven said, sounding irritated. 

"I am no knight, Maven! I am your King. Not some peasant that you gave a sword with promises of riches and titles." Jonathan said, with a hint of anger hiding in his voice.

Maven, ignoring her husband's complaining curtsied. The crowd went wild. Jonathan bowed next to his wife, and the crowd went mad. 

"It is at this point that we wish for all of you to sup with us in the name of my husband, your King; King Jonathan the Fair. We wish to drink and eat in his victory at the Crest, protecting the capital and the Kingdom from those that wish to usurp the throne." Maven said, giving her husband a kiss on the cheek.

Maven felt for a secret pocket that was in her armored dress. A little bit of armor doesn't hurt, she thought, not as long as your a Queen. She found the small, yet hidden pocket. Inside of it was what she was looking for; the small crystal vial. 

The sun began to go underneath the ocean, allowing Sunspear Keep to cast its ominous shadow upon the rest of Esses. Off in the distance, dark clouds were forming. A storm was coming, and none of them were ready for its power.

The End

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