Chapter 5Mature

The Queen descended from her chambers to the foyer of the Keep. When she reached the bottom, everybody kneeled. Her husband was the only one still standing. When Jonathan took off his helm, his brown hair came down flowingly. Maven approached her husband and greeted him with a kiss. "My love. I am so glad to see you again." After the King took Maven's hand, everyone in the foyer stood. Maven kissed Jonathan on the cheek and then took his hand. 

"My sweetling, I have missed you. I grown weary of the lonely nights that I spent alone in our chambers. I have prayed to the Gods to send you home to me in great health. I felt it was my duty to pray for you." The Queen said softly to her husband. 

"I believe that we should go to our chambers then. For you, my love. For the long and lonely nights you would spend, fearing that I would not return. For it is my duty to you, as your husband." Jonathan said softly as he kissed her hand. 

Jonathan and Maven retreated to their chambers. When she closed the door, Jonathan struck her. 

"You stupid bitch! How dare you make me look like a weak fool in front of our people! 'I sprayed for you for it is my duty.' I don't need your prayer!" Jonathan yelled at her. 

I am the lioness, I am the Queen. I am of Landen blood, the blood of royalty. My father ruled before me and his father before him. This is our kingdom, and I will not cringe for any of them, she thought. 

Maven felt where his gauntlet hit her and then let out a small laugh. She then looked up at him, then her face turned red. 

"You dare strike your Queen? You are not of Landen blood, Jonathan! Let me remind you of that. I could have you killed for that. You aren't Jonathan the Fair. No, you are Jonathan the Wicked. Not even the Gods could have mercy upon your soul. There is no place for you, never  is there a place in the world for a man who would dare strike his Queen."

Jonathan moved closer to his wife, but the moment she looked up at him with a semi snarl in her face, he backed away. This was a first for Jonathan. His wife had never stood up to him. Her face was no longer as red as it once was, but there was surely going to be a bruise where his steel gauntlet hit her smooth skin. 

Helena, Queen Maven's personal handmaiden walked in, only to find Maven on the floor crying and the King standing over her. She looked at the horrendous sight, and went over to help up the Queen. 

"Jonathan, get out." Maven said with a hint of anger in her voice. 

Jonathan stormed out of their chambers, slamming the oaken door behind him. Once he was gone, Maven picked herself up and went over to the table that was in their chamber and poured herself a goblet of wine. Helena just continued to stare at Maven. Finally, she spoke.

"Your grace, are you well?"

Maven looked at her and gave a shy smile. "I am the Queen, am I not? I am always well. Even when I'm not. It is my duty to remain strong, even when I am at my lowest of points. I am Queen Maven Landen, Queen of the Southern Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm. I will not cringe for anyone or anything, for I am the lioness of King's Point." 

Helena smiled at her. "That's the Maven that I knew was in there. There's still a fire burning in your heart, your grace. And I think it wants out."

Maven smiled at Helena, "Thank you for your kind words Helena. Come, it is time we get me ready for the feast in the name of my husband's victory at the Crest."

The End

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