Chapter 4Mature

The trumpets blasted, announcing the arrival of King Jonathan the Fair. The King and his bannermen rode into the keep where all the noble lords and ladies cheered for him. Looking up at the balcony of the keep, King Jonathan saw his beautiful wife and their three children.

The Queen smiled as she saw her valiant husband ride through the gates of Sunspear. He had been gone for over six months and now he was home. On the outside, the Queen looked thrilled to see her husband, but on the inside, she knew what she would be facing. The beatings would start up again and the cruel words he said to her. Maven subtly clenched her fist. She patted her son; Prince Rogan on the shoulder. "Take your brother and sister inside." Rogan took Thomas and Elena by the hand and took them inside the keep.

"Bravo King Jonathan! You have defeated the band of rebels at the Crest. This will be written in the scrolls of history so that our children and their children shall remember this day!" The Queen announced. 

The King tried to calm his horse down from all the cheering. "I thank you, my Queen. It is a joy to see your beautiful face again."

The Queen turned around on the balcony and went back into her chambers. A handmaiden came in. "Shall you be getting dressed to see your husband?"

The Queen looked at her, trying to hold back the tears and the pain. "Is this gown not good enough? You're probably right. I should get into something more elegant for my husband." 

The handmaiden looked at her in shock. "I never meant that your grace. The gown is quite lovely. The blue goes very well with your blonde hair. And the sapphire necklace does too." 

"Tya, go down and get me my armored gown. Having a little bit of armor won't hurt anyone when you're Queen. And fetch me one of my ladies in waiting." The Queen said modestly.

Tya quickly left her chambers and Maven then broke down and weeped. She weeped until she heard a knock on the door. "Come in." She said, wiping her eyes. 

"Since when did the Queen cry?" 

Maven turned around, noticing it was her brother. "Tywin, you know what it means now that the King has returned."

"Maven, you are of Landen blood. Jonathan is not. You have more power over him." He paused and put his hand on his sister's shoulder. "The Realm knows you hate him."

"Hate him?" She looked shocked, "I loved him once, you know. Back when we were young. When I first saw him riding galiantly on his horse to call upon me, I was the happiest woman in all of the Southern Kingdoms. We had something once, you know. Jonathan and I." She started to cry again.

"Sweet sister, you only have to deal with him for as long as you want. He doesn't think you can stand up to him because you're a woman. But I know you can. You were the only girl in a family of knights and squires and the King. You're strong willed Maven. Don't let him get to you. Red and gold. You are a lioness. Do not kneel before him. Make him fear you. Make him bend the knee to you!" Tywin said kissing his sister on the cheek before taking his leave.

The End

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