Chapter 3Mature

The oak door opened slowly and creaked on its hinges. One of the Queen's handmaidens walked in with a jug of wine and some lemon cake. The handmaiden sat it on the table next to the Queen's bed. "You're grace, I wasn't expecting you to be up yet." the handmaiden said.

The Queen stood at her windowsill, looking out upon her city. She turned around, acknowleding her prescence. "Lyla, a raven came in last night annoucning the victory at the Crest. My husbad, your King is returning home and will arrive at Esses in the next few hours. I think we should get me dressed." the Queen said with a smile on her face.

Lyla clapped her hands together in excitement. "Your grace, this is wonderful news! The people shall be delighted to hear of such news!"

Maven poured a goblet of wine and lifted it to her lips. "Lyla, fetch another goblet." The handmaiden looked at her. "Why, your grace?" Lyla had a look of confusion on her face. The Queen smiled and replied, "I want you to drink with me. Drink with me in this merriment." Lyla left the room, trying to hide her excitment. It wasn't everyday that the Queen herself asked you to drink with her. 

While Lyla was away, the Queen recieved another visitor. The man kneeled in front of the Queen. "Your grace." He said.

Maven turned around from her wardrobe and smiled. "Kyro. I wasn't expecting you. Tell me, why do you call on me so early in the morning?" She motioned for Kyro to come closer.

Kyro greeted her with a kiss on hand and then a kiss on the lips. "Your grace, you look quite stunning." He laughed.

"You humor me Kyro." Maven said smiling as she went to cut some of the lemon cake. "Would you like some?" She didn't even let him answer before she cut him a slice. "Now, answer me. Why do you call upon me at this hour?"

"Your grace, with your husband returning home, I am afraid we will not be able to see each other again. At least not here. Even then, meeting here is very dangerous, with all the spies and what not. It's just, I love you Maven. I really do. I still want to see you and all your beauty." Kyro pleaded.

Maven frowned a bit and then pondered on the situation. "Kyro, there is always a way. I have a plan, don't worry. Just be at the feast tonight. Here, let me give you and invitation so the guards don't think you're sneaking in. Oh, and one other thing." Maven said as she walked over to her wardrobe. 

Maven dropped a vial into Kyro's hand. "Here, take this."

Kyro stared at the crystal vial which appeared to have a clear substance in it. "What is this, your grace?"

"It's the way."

The End

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