Chapter 1Mature

"I wish to speak with my father and the council in my chambers." The Queen annoucned.

The Queen, her council, and her father all retreated to her chambers. Following the group of people was Espen, another one of the Queen's squires. After everyone was in, Espen shut the door. 

"So, Lord Eton has been murdered?" The Queen asked.

"That is true, your grace." Lord Bromir replied to his daughter.

Maven turned on her heel and sat on her silken bed sheets and put her head in her hands. She didn't understand how this could have happened. Lord Eton lived in one of the most protected castles ever built. It was named Highgrove and sat atop one of the many mountains in the northern region of the Southern Kingdoms. Highgrove was the seat of House Ramnsey. Lord Eton Ramnsey had been an old friend of her father's. Now he was dead. Maven stood and looked at everyone. 

"Do we know how he died?" The Queen asked softly. 

"Your grace, it has been said that he was poisoned at his daughter's wedding feast." Samuel, one of the members of the Small Council replied.

"Ah yes. Lady Ena, I had heard that she was about to be wed. Does anyone know who might have assassinated him?" The Queen asked.

"We believe it was done by House Lorence. The marriage was to bind the two houses together for political reasons." Tyon, another member of the Small Council replied.

Maven sighed and poured herself a goblet of wine and walked over to the windowsill in her chamber. 

"I'm calling a summit, send the ravens to all the major houses. Sunspear will be quite busy in the coming month men. Now, whether or not you believe this is a folly, so be it. It's just I cannot, at this time, have all the Houses go to war on each other. Now, before the summit is called, I wish to travel north to Highgrove and give my condolences to House Ramnsey, Lady Ena, and her Lady mother, Lady Annabeth." The Queen said. 

"Your grace, if that is what you want, it shall be done. We shall ride on the morrow. As you know, it will take about a fortnight to reach the keep of Highgrove. I will also send a raven to Highgrove telling them of our arrival." Ser Tywin said.

The Queen smiled, "Thank you brother. I only wish to travel lightly. Not an entire caravan, a few hundred knights, a carriage for the children and I, and another carriage for our supplies. You are all dismissed now." 

All the men in her chamber bowed and left, leaving her alone in her chambers. Maven walked over to the mirror in her chamber and looked at herself. How to job of Queen had made her look more tired than ever. Though most of her beautiful features remained the same, her face was where most of the stress hit. Maven stared at herself for a little while longer, then finished off her wine.

The End

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