House Landen has ruled as the head of the Southern Kingdoms for nearly three hundred years, but will one niece's hunger for power throw the entire Kingdom off balance? House Landen will be caught in the middle of it all. Will red and gold continue to be the colors that reign over the Southern Kingdoms? The Southern Kingdoms will be altered.... forever

The trumpets blasted as the massive doors opened to the throne room. Everyone kneeled as a woman dressed in an elegant red and gold gown walked in. She was surrounded by a throng of guards that led her to the throne. The throne was rumored to have been made out of the bones of those that tried to rebel against the Kingdom during the age of the first men. Since then, a new throne had been put in place to suit her majesty's needs. 

The throne room was an extensive room that could hold around two thousand people. The room was so large that in the year two hundred and fifty EL, King Edward II had demanded that the throne room have a second floor added so it could hold more people. That was forty eight years ago. Since then, King Edward II had died and two more Kings sat upon the Throne, each one, on their thirtieth name day, were found dead. Now the Kingdom finds itself with a Queen. A Queen that is so ruthless that she had children sentenced to death. Yet a Queen so fierce that her enemies were crushed beneath her thumb. She was Queen Maven Landen, first of her name. Daughter to Bromir and Lya Landen. 

When Queen Maven sat, the people inside the throne room stood. The Queen smiled at them all. It was said that the Queen's smile could drop anyone to their knees. One of her squires approached her with a goblet in his hand and a jug in the other hand. "Wine, for her grace?" The Queen smiled, accepting the goblet, passing it to one of her other squires to taste it, and then took the wine back. "Thank you, Robert." 

"Your grace, word has come from the Highlands. Lord Roston requires supplies to rebuild his keep. He asks that you send a caravan with supplies and some guards. He has not been recieving his supplies. Claims they've been hijacked by some bandits." 

The Queen took a sip from the goblet and looked at one of her advisors and whispered, "Can the Royal Bank afford such costs as to send a caravan of supplies plus knights all the way up to the Highlands?" The advisor replied, "Your grace, with a keep of that size, it would cost more than over twenty thousand septims. And that is with a caravan of a smaller proportion. I just don't believe the Kingdom can hold such burdens at this point." The Queen looked at the young farmer boy and frowned, "Write back to Lord Roston that the Kingdom cannot, at this time deal with such a burden. In time, we will be able to. I am sorry." 

The Queen went to take another sip from her goblet when the doors opened again, this time walking into the throne room was her father. Lord Bromir Landen, first of his name, Lord of Landen and Lord of King's Point. The goblet slipped from Maven's hands and she whispered, "Father?" 

Lord Bromir kneeled before his daughter. "Rise, father." She said. He rose. "Your grace, I have word from the Eyrie." The Queen motioned for her father to continue. "Lord Eton, is dead, your grace."

The End

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