The Red Satin Sheet

This is a love story about a lonely woman, whoms dream became a reality when she meets with the man of her dreams. But it turns out that she gets more than she bargins for.

On a full morning in the city of Sterling Heights, the cold snap took over the city. There was also a chill in the air for the lonely Elaine Howe. She was as pretty as a princess with a kind heart, but was having trouble trying to find Mr. Right. To Elaine, it seemed like every time she thought she found the right guy, they turned out to be jerks. 

She sat at a booth at a local Coney Island restaurant, and she wondered how in the world can she let herself get that old and still be single? Not that there was nothing wrong with being single, but she should be meeting someone great. And she understood what her mother told her. Never get involved with a man who wants to make a complete fool out of himself. She took her mother's advice very seriously. She drank her morning decaf coffee. With sugar, and with liquid cream. Her favorite creamer had always been Creamer mate. Vanilla creamer tasted good for her coffee. Especially since it always woke up her taste buds. But even with all of the delicious scrambled eggs, bacon, grits, and baked ham in front of her like a buffet, she was still a lonely girl.

Her mother passed away from breast cancer five years ago, and she was retrained from her sister, Melanie Kemp ever since. Even worse, Elaine felt like she was all alone in this world. She felt something was missing, and that she felt that Valentine's Day was not for her. She felt the pain deep inside her heart as she watched a couple in the next booth kissing. She looked down at her food and thoughts popped into her head like the unstoppable deseases. 

You will never get to meet anybody. You will always be lonely. No man would want you.

"Oh Lord," she prayed, "when will I get to meet Mr. Right? Is it something I did? Is it something I said?" 

That was when she put her head on the table and started to cry. But then, there was Aaron Murphy. A handsome welder whom came in from the rough cold weather because was hungry. He was new in town, so this was his first visit to the Coney Island. Aaron took off his coat for a minute. And that was when he showed off his huge biceps from his red short sleeve shirt. Despite the fact that the weather was super cold, he stayed warm in his blue short Coogi coat. As Aaron took off his man black gloves and his blue winter hat, Elaine lifted up her head and saw Aaron, it was love at first sight. She never seen a guy with a ripped body around the city. Elaine watched Aaron as he waited for his food. He was sweating and his body showed it. It was amazing that Elaine would watch Aaron's black dirty hands and fingernails, and still managed to show off his pretty smile. She wanted to go and talk to him. But she could not, because she was shy and scared. He grabbed his lunch and paid for it. Elaine was staring at him and was hoping he would notice it, but he didn't. He slided his arms back into his warm coat, and put on his hat and gloves. He grabbed the food and left.

He didn't even know that she exsist, let alone even realized that she was there. He just passed her by like he wasn't intrested in her.  So Elaine raised up from the booth and left a five dollar tip. She wrapped her black warm scarf around her neck and chest puts on her matching hat and coat. She slided on her gloves and then pay for her breakfast. She walked out the door and did not realize that she had already met Mr. Right. Although, he did not realize that she was his perfect soul mate.

So, she walked home to the apartment complex right next door. She went up on the second floor to her apartment, 2B. She opened the door and turned on the foyer light. He apartment looked like a safe haven, but the apartment was kind of old looking, but she did her best to make it look neat. She closed the door and sat in a red big easy chair in her living room. Her word of loneliness came crashing down on her like a ton of bricks. She did not want to go to work at the grocery store near the construction site. Her world has been falling apart around her ever since her mother died. Her sister, Melanie does not talk to her anymore. She was either jealous or have just been that way for years. All Elaine knew was that Mel always been jealous of her. Just as Elaine was getting ready to go to work, the doorbell ring. Elaine rose out of the chair and then looked through the peep hole. Sure enough, she rolled her eyes, it was Mel. Elaine opened the door and let her in.


The End

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