The Widow's Funeral

I am sitting inside the carriage for quite a while now. I breathe in some air. I'm trying to control my patience.

The slow movement of our carriage is because carriages were lined up before us. We are currently waiting for our turn to get out and head inside the church for the funeral.

"Older sister... I am so sorry." Someone hold my right hand. I looked at my brother Edmund. Gentle as always.

We are the only persons inside carriage now. Since Erin doesn't have any relatives left to take care of the funeral, mother is the one approaching the visitors inside.She's my brother's widow after all, so she's part of our family. About the presence of the King, Father is not of good health. Although he wanted to go, mother didn't approve of it. And because it's  mother, father will listen to her.

When my younger brother found out that I don't have someone with me when I'll go to the funeral,he immediately asked permission from Merylla to take a leave and  went straight to me.

"No. You shouldn't be saying that Edmund. He's with older brother right now, let's be happy for her." I smiled bitterly.

Oh Edmund, if you only knew that this was only for show. I wanted to say it aloud. But of course, I'll ruin the plan if I tell him about that.

We didn't notice that the door opened, I fixed my veil and we come out of the carriage. Haaaaaaa. This scenario.......I remembered my brother's funeral two years ago. I shook my head. Regain yourself Elleithyia.

We entered the church. I let my eyes scanned all the people present in here as we slowly walked the isle. As expected, there are many aristocrats who showed themselves here. In this society where trickery is kinda rampant, their intentions is either one of which ;to sympathize or to just show off.

When we reached the seats designated for the royal family, the mass started. Erin is inside the coffin. Well, because she's alive, we customized it so she will be able to breathe inside. Although mother wanted the coffin to be empty, I disagreed at her suggestion. This is because there will be the a part that the priest will open the coffin so we can finally say our last goodbye. If we let that empty, it will lead the funeral to chaos.

I examined the guests. Good thing that I have a veil. I am hardly trying not to let myself laugh. Well, it's because some of them were really trying so hard to let tears fall from their eyes. These people, they weren't even close to Erin. To cry as if they really care, it disgusts me.

The Eulogy part just started. This is the moment I wanted the most. It is because I will assess the one speaking if he or she is sincere or not. My assessment will be the basis in which houses I need myself to  get acquainted with.

It will be the longest part. Many aristocrats wanted to speak in front. Even in this kind of a solemn event, politics still enters. I let out a sigh.

Every houses have their representative to speak. I paid attention to every eulogy delivered.

It's really hard to suppress myself from laughing. I've heard several exaggerated and fabricated lies from people who don't even know who Erin is. To prevent myself from letting a laugh come out, I clenched my fist hardly and my gentle brother holds my hand whenever he saw me doing that.

I am sure that Erin, hearing those speeches from these aristocrats, is also holding herself not to laugh. Oh my Erin, we are both in the same situation right now.

Other houses played it safely when they were telling their eulogies. Ahhh. It's hard for me to decide if I'll include them to my side or not if they are playing  safe.

I memorized the name of the persons who are sincere enough to express their condolences to the royal family. What I am doing will be convenient in the future.

After that eulogy part, it's the time for opening the coffin. The priest opened it slowly and all of us gathered to say our last goodbye. When all is finished, it ended and we will now proceed to the royal cemetery for the internment .

The stand in which the coffin will be placed was also custom built. The moment the coffin was placed there and the carriage started moving, Erin can get out of the coffin without being seen. The stand has sliding opening and the coffin is also big enough so she can move freely inside to open the back portion of it.Erin practiced going out of the coffin a day before the funeral so we can make adjustments to it.

The internment was finished in no time and we left the place as soon as possible. My younger brother separated with me and went with mother so he can visit father in the palace. I also wanted to go with them, but I need to settle things in the fief first before I return to the palace.

I headed to my carriage and went inside. As soon as I sat down, someone grabbed my shoulder from behind.

"Goodness. You startled me.. Erin." 

"I'm sorry,your highness."

The carriage started to move. When we got out of the Royal Capital, I broke the silence.

"So... Did you enjoy your fake funeral?"

She chuckled. "So much..."

We both started recalling the eulogies and started laughing our hearts out.


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The End

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