Starting Over

Our plan took almost an hour to create. And we need to carry out immediately.Since sister-in-law and mother were the  only ones who knew that we switched , the nobles were informed that the Duchess of Antoweif was the one who died. 

Auguste immediately sent a letter to mother  through  a pigeon so she will know that I am alive. He also included in the letter that they (together with Erin) must go to the Antoweif household because we decided to explain my plans before heading to the capital.

After accomplishing this, Auguste told the coachman to start the carriage again. This time, I took the opportunity to tell him the reason why I did something so foolish. 

"Unforgivable." Auguste said after hearing my story. I saw him clenched his fists.

I bitterly smiled. "Yeah. I know that feeling quite well."

" Are you planning on getting the engagement annulled? "

" Absolutely, after all, they wanted my life, so it's normal that I won't continue the engagement. But... Not for now. I need more power in order to completely control the kingdom. Although I have a deep friendship with some of the powerful houses, it's still not enough. And Lutrania has developed an incredibly strong military, I cannot just cancel it anyway."

"I agree to that fact. Because their kingdom was defeated in the 30 year's war, the  following generation became so obsessed in strengthening their army so it will not happen again."

"This is a great threat, Auguste. We need to act immediately after we settled things."

"As you wish, your highness."

We ended our conversation there. I just woke up a while ago and I felt tired just by thinking how can I straighten things out. 

Two more hours passed when we reached the territory of Antoweif. Auguste told the coachman to follow a specific route that will lead to the underground passage that connects on the basement of the Antoweif castle.

I suddenly remembered that I once owned and governed this fief. It was given to me by older brother and I happily lived in here for five years before I gave this territory to Erin three years ago.

Somehow, I felt nostalgic. This place reminded me a lot of things. I smiled at the thought. 

"Seeing you calm after being betrayed, I didn't expect your actions to be like that."

"...Is that so?"

"I had been with your brother ever since we started on the academy. And I know your personality very well. It's just that I cannot understand why are you so calm at this moment."

Silence prevailed for a minute. Me too, I cannot understand my actions.  "Honestly,I also don't know. All I want right now is to start over again and protect this country with all my might. I don't want them to suffer just like before.''

I leaned my hands towards the window and looked at the surroundings. "Even if it will cost my life, I will not hand this kingdom to a tyrant. I will do all means, Auguste. If it requires me to kill my enemies, I will do it.''

I clenched my fist and continued talking. 

''Even if that prince changes his mind and begs for his life, I will not waver. It  will not change the fact that I started hating him the moment he neglected me."

I gritted my teeth. Trusting and loving that person is my greatest mistake. I blow a sigh so I can calm down.

Auguste didn't respond anymore. I bet that he sensed the bitterness on my last sentence.

We reached the castle and both headed into the study where my mother and Erin was waiting for us. They were the first ones to arrived at this place because it is only 30 minutes away from the capital. When I opened the door, I saw their worried expressions.

"Both of you, why are you looking at me like that?"

My mother, who usually don't display too much expression, got teary-eyed and ran towards me. He hugged me tightly.

"Thank goodness. I thought I would lose a child again."

I let her be emotional for a while. After all, it's rare for her to react like this. She is always composed whenever the circumstances don't go along. For the Queen to display such affectionate gesture towards her child in front of other person, I am grateful. I also hugged her back.

After an emotional reunion, I let Auguste tell them what happened. Their reactions were also the same as him when they found out.

"They are hateful creatures." Erin blurted out with scorn.

I sneered because of what she said. She described those people in a perfect way

"So what is your plan?" As expected of mother, such a straightforward person.  She's also back on being composed again.

"Let us hold a funeral first."

"What?" Both of them said in unison.

"Think about it, the aristocrats already know that the Duchess of Antoweif is dead. If we don't  hold a funeral, they will get suspicious. Also, the kingdom of Lutrania will definitely push the engagement sooner as expected because they will be wasting time.... After all, it's a common courtesy to give the bereaved family some time to recover, right?"

All of them nodded in response.

"Erin, I want your consent. Are you willing to be dead person?"

Auguste and mother was shocked to my question.

"Elleithyia, to ask that to your brother's wife."

"Mother, you judged too quickly. I don't want her dead, literally. I'll just removed her from society and be my hands and feet. I considered everything while we were traveling back here. I need to investigate the houses I am not allied with, and it's too risky for me to go on my own. Erin, are you fine with that?"

"If my participation will benefit the future of this nation, then I will be more than willing."

I smiled triumphantly. Her loyalty towards me is unshakable. It's because I saved her from the fire when we were younger. After that, she vowed to served me for life and we became inseparable. She always say that she will die for me even though she's already married my brother. And that brother of mine, always get jealous because she cares to me too much.

"Thank you, Erin."

I walked towards the door, turned to them and smiled wickedly, "Now then, shall we start?"

All of them stood up and followed me.


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The End

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