A Very Long Time Ago

A long time ago, a dispute started between the kingdom of Sierra and Lutrania that resulted a war that lasted for 30 years. After a long bloodshed, a Sierran King defeated the troops of the enemy and the later decided that a peace treaty be made in order for the war not to break out again.

That Sierran King is my great-great-grandfather. I admired his will and determination to stop the war, but I hate how he settled things.

The peace treaty is not just for stopping the war. It was also intended to make an alliance with Lutrania.... through marriage...

Whenever a Queen gave birth to a female child, she will be automatically engaged to a prince of Lutrania. It is not necessary whether the son is a crown prince or not. As long as the poor child is married to a member of the Lutranian royal family, it is okay.

I'm already in the 5th generation of the sacrificial princesses of the Sierran kingdom. Yeah. How unlucky.

But it was different this time. My brother, the crown prince, died in an illness two years ago and my younger brother had already renounced his claim to the throne when he decided to become a part of the Fierron religion as a priest.

Because my brother left no heir, it was decided by the current king, my father,that I become the heir presumptive.

Things got complicated after that.

Since I'm now the crown princess and the only female child betrothed to the only son of Lutranian royal family, we had negotiations to give them one of our noble ladies as my substitute for the treaty. But the king of Lutrania was so stubborn that he warned our kingdom will be attacked if we didn't comply.

I hated that king, to be so imposing and threatening, I cannot blame him. Women of the Sierran nobility are known to be exquisite and beautiful creatures. And the royal family is no exception.

But, unlike the other houses, my family has distinctive features. The women in our family had a platinum blonde hair color and our eyes is in color of deep green. Just like the sparkling emeralds when illuminated in the light. But the men in our family had different features than us, they had  golden blonde hair color and had grayish color pigment in their eyes. Due to our distinct physical characteristics, one can clearly say that we are part of the royal family.

At first, since I was announced as the crown princess, I don't want the idea of marrying the prince, since I myself, was also educated in the same manner just like my older brother. I thought that I can rule the kingdom on my own. But when I considered the circumstances around me, I still don't have enough influence in court and even though I have very strong allies that I can rely with, the combined powers of the remaining houses can immediately bring me down on my position in case of rebellion.

Oh older brother, now I know the feeling when you said that 'Politics' is something that cannot be taken lightly.

I need to play the game of politics very well.

That's when I considered the acceptance of my marriage as a stepping stone. If I can manipulate my husband in the future, then I can have much advantage in their court, and I can strengthen my influence through his name.

Since I don't want that the efforts of my great-great-grandfather to be such a waste, I already accepted my engagement to the prince.

There were resistance at first because my husband will also be co-ruler in my kingdom when I became Queen. But majority of them accepted it because of Lutrania's impressive military power that will benefit our kingdom when we are married.

I am a person who never waste time. When my engagement was set, I immediately wanted to meet the prince of that kingdom and have my impressions on him.

I sent various invitations to the prince. I never missed to sent an invitation in every official functions that needed the appearance of a kingdom's representative. He never responded or even confirmed the invitation. How rude.

I still didn't give up. I thought that he didn't like too many people, so I sent a letter that I want to meet him private so I may know him personally. I waited patiently for his reply.

It took me a week to wait when I finally received his letter for me. Good thing that he replied. But when I finally opened and read its contents, I was so disappointed. He said that he was busy at the moment, and was glad to be invited in my kingdom.

I was running out of time to meet him. When I heard that my sister-in-law that she'll be sent to Lutrania to be the ambassador of the country for the following months, I immediately summoned her and asked her assistance by switching places so that I can personally assess my fiancé if he's the one I can rely with.

My mother was against about it. But I made good points on going there. If I don't grab this chance, the probability of meeting the prince is very low. After all, I need to carry out my mission - I must make that man my ally.

It all went well as I planned. I entered their territory, disguised myself as the duchess of Antoweif and started my mission there. No one will notice my disappearance at the kingdom. Since I am not yet married, there is a tradition that single females will wear veil until they reached the marriageable age.

I met the prince, got to know him and became acquainted with him. I am surprised myself that I started to like this man even though we only had known each other for months. I was so happy that he was a kind and loving prince.

I forgot my mission. We fell in love. I extended my stay at their territory. And I started neglecting my duties in my kingdom.

I thought that my happy ever after will start with him. I was delusional of achieving my happiness. I was living in fantasy.

Then one day, he just became distant and cold towards me. I wanted to know why. I asked him for many times. He couldn't give a clear answer to me.

I began to feel desperate. I don't know what to do. I also thought that maybe because I was hiding something from him that He can't  trust me anymore.I decided to tell him the truth about my identity. Maybe if he knew, he'll change back. We can be happy again just like we used to be.

I was walking happily that day when I decided to tell him the truth. But I myself was the one surprised.

He was with another woman. They are so sweet to each other.

I was never surprised about having another woman, after all, noblemen are allowed to have  more than one wife.It's just that I was surprised that he never even told me.

They saw me but just walked pass through. It's just like I never existed on the first place. I tried to be patient as long as possible. I waited and waited for him. But he never paid attention to me anymore.

I wanted to talk about us and I secretly waited for him in his study. When I heard many voices approaching, I immediately hid myself in one of the bookshelves.

And in there I overheard their conversation. I just kept quiet for a long time. When they left, I was mortified of what are his plans.

The prince and the king talked about killing the crown princess when they get married. That's me, right?

I was trembling so hard that I cannot digest the ugly truth. He used me. He used me to gather information about the princess, which is myself.

I was so stupid. To be carried away with his sweet words. For him to say that he love me, that he care for me -all of it... it was all a lie.

I was grieving when I returned to my room. All I care right now is how can I mend my broken heart.

Suddenly, a flashback came through my mind. I searched the vial on my things.

When I found it, I calmly sat down on my chair. I inhaled deeply and grabbed my leftover tea this morning.

And in there, I poured all the contents of the vial and drank all the contents of my cup.


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The End

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